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Buxus Hedge Plants

As UK industry experts, Best4hedging have a wide range of one of the most popular native evergreens, Box hedging.

A classic garden plant, Buxus Sempervirens is easily recognised for its neat, formal shape, and is commonly used for garden borders and pathways. It is also a popular plant for topiary and comes in a range of shapes and sizes. Box topiary is great for adding an attractive feature to entrance ways and doorways. Box is a tough hedging plant that will grow in most situations, withstanding drought and poor soils.


Wildlife benefits of Box Hedging

The glossy, ovate foliage offers year round cover for an array of native wildlife whilst the small spring flowers attract honey bees who come looking for nectar and pollen. As the evergreen foliage is very dense, it creates a good shelter for wildlife whilst also providing a strong, low windbreak. For more choice of native hedging plants please click here


Box throughout history

A hedging plant steeped in history, buxus sempervirens and buxus sempervirens suffruticosa have been used in French and English gardens for over 400 years. Originally made popular in French parterres where flowing lines of low box hedging added structure to the formal gardens; it still dominates garden landscaping today. Both common and dwarf box have been used to create astounding knot gardens that still draw hoards of visitors every year. The easily maintained box hedging plants make great specimens for creating geometrical and symmetrical shapes, ideal for formal garden borders.


Planting options for Buxus Hedging

We sell Box hedge plants in a range of different root types. Unlike other species, our box root balls are available year round and are a great way to achieve your desired height quickly. If you require a well pruned hedge instantly we also offer box as trough grown, instant hedging. Once established, box is very low maintenance as it is relatively slow growing.

If you require any further assistance choosing the right plant for your garden, please do not hesitate to contact the best4hedging Sales and Service team who are ready to help.


Common Misspellings of Box

buxus semperivirens, box topiery