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Best Hedge For My Soil

Best Hedging for my Soil

Select the best hedge for your soil type. It is vital for the success of plant growth to pair the correct hedge plants to the relevant soil types.

Hedging by soil type

Preparation is the key to gardening success, so it is important to identify the type of soil you'll be planting in to. There is no point in buying Mediterranean plants suited to a rockery and planting them into a boggy, wet soil. To help you choose the best plants for your soil, we have divided our range of hedging plants by soil type. You can browse our full range by dry, normal, moist or very wet soil.

Don't worry if you have very dry or very wet soil, we'll have the right hedging plants for your soil type here. By choosing hedging plants suited to your planting site, they will be equipped in dealing with whatever conditions your garden throws at them!