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  • February Gardening Advice
    30 January 2024

    February Gardening Advice

    Clear out any weeds ready for the new season, and make sure you still have a food source for wildlife as there are many beautiful bird species who would love to visit your gardens for lunch! Here is February's gardening advice.

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  • December Gardening Advice
    1 December 2023

    December Gardening Advice

    December in the garden, there's still lots of pruning, tidying and prepping for spring, plus planting! Bare roots and rootballs are ideally planted at this time. Find out more.

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  • Understanding Bare Roots
    27 July 2023

    Understanding Bare Roots

    Here is all you need to know about bare root hedging including, what bare roots are and some popular choices of bare root hedge plants.

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  • Get into Gardening to Improve Your Health
    9 May 2023

    Get into Gardening to Improve Your Health

    Here are some great reasons to get in the garden, helping to improve our physical and mental health.

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  • How Well Do You Know Your Soil
    17 November 2022

    How Well Do You Know Your Soil

    Soil type can vary from place to place, so for plants to thrive it's worth knowing which type of soil you have. Read our guide to help find out what your garden soil type is.

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  • 1 November 2022

    November Gardening Advice

    We hope you enjoy bonfire night! We have included a bonfire safety guide in this months gardening advice to help you stay safe and also keep local wildlife safe.

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  • Root Ball Hedging
    27 October 2022

    Root Ball Hedging

    Root balls are mature field-grown plants and a good option if you are looking to grow a hedge in less time. Find out all about root ball hedging here.

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  • October Gardening Advice
    1 October 2022

    October Gardening Advice

    Autumn is well and truly upon us and our gardens are beginning to be painted with new colours and vibrance. Brush off that winter wardrobe and start to prepare yourself and your garden for the upcoming colder months. Here’s our list of gardening jobs that will keep you on top of your garden and welcome winter with open arms. Its also Halloween soon, a fabulous excuse to fill our gardens with spooky decorations.

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  • July Gardening Advice
    1 July 2022

    July Gardening Advice

    July is a gorgeous time of the year, let's make sure our gardens are the best they can be! This months gardening advice we cover the top 5 hedging jobs to do in your garden, for gorgeous sunny summer. We also look at weeding and what to look out for if you think you have fungi starting on your plants. 

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  • All About Instant Hedging
    21 June 2022

    All About Instant Hedging

    Instant hedging provides an instant impact to your garden. Find out the many benefits to this and also delve into creative ways to make your space instantly great.

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  • What size pot grown hedging plant do I need?
    27 May 2022

    What size pot grown hedging plant do I need?

    Looking to buy pot grown hedging? Here is our guide for deciding which size pot will suit your hedging space.

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  • 10 reasons to choose Pyracantha Hedging
    8 April 2022

    10 reasons to choose Pyracantha Hedging

    With a selection of 3 vibrant colours, pyracantha is a stunning choice for any garden space. Find out about the benefitis of pyracantha hedging here.

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