10 reasons to choose Western Red Cedar

One of best4hedging’s top ten best-selling species, Western Red Cedar, also known as Thuja plicata, is a popular conifer hedge plant which displays incredible shades of mid to dark green. This fantastic species has an abundance of uses in a garden and is a popular alternative to the famous Leylandii. Here are our 10 reasons to choose Western Red Cedar:

full hedge

  1. It has a dense, bushy habit which can be utilised for an effective privacy screen, windbreak & noise reducing feature.
  2. Its evergreen foliage means its attractive colour will be present throughout the seasons.
  3. Unlike other conifers, you can cut into old wood without causing any damage.
  4. They are available as huge root balls, up to 7m in height.
  5. It emits a delightful scent, similar to pineapple which contributes to the sensory element of a garden (try crushing the foliage between your hands and smelling).
  6. It has an annual growth rate of 30-60cm, so it will reach a desired height in a short period of time.
  7. It’s easy to maintain as it only needs pruning twice a year. Once in spring, followed by a light prune in autumn.
  8. Occasionally, small cones appear and decorate the branches.
  9. Its foliage creates a safe and secure nesting ground for a range of garden birds and other wildlife.
  10. You can purchase Western Red Cedar year round as we supply pot grown plants in a variety of sizes, suitable for all types of gardening needs.

Close up of foliage

Facts you may not know about Western Red Cedar:

  • Its Latin name, Thuja plicata, with plicata coming from the word plicare meaning folded in plaits or braids, signifies the unique pattern of the scale-like leaves.
  • It’s Native to western North America
  • Its wood is extensively used for outdoor construction and its light weight, strength and warm sounds makes it a popular choice for guitar soundboards.

See below our video which explains everything you need to know about this fantastic hedge plant:

You can see even more species specific videos and how to guides on our YouTube channel.

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