Do I leave the hessian sack on root ball plants when I plant them?

1 September 2015

A lot of people are confused when they see a large sack covering the entire root system of their plants and wonder whether or not they need to take it off. To solve any confusion, the answer is yes you should leave it on. The material covering your roots is called a hessian sack which is bio-degradable and will disintegrate over time, so there is no need to worry about having to take it off or any damage to the environment. It is important to leave the hessian sack on the roots as it holds them together and provides protection before they reach their final planting site. You can, if you wish, loosen the knot around the base of the trunk once the plant is in the ground, however this isn’t necessary. If you are unfamiliar with root balls, we have created a short video which will explain the different root types available.

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