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Do I need to prune my hedging plants on arrival?

Do I need to prune my hedging plants on arrival?
20 July 2015

It’s not unusual to be hesitant towards pruning your new hedging plants straight after planting, but you have no reason to be worried. It is a good idea to give your new hedge a light prune as this will encourage new growth in your hedge whilst also creating a uniformed shape from the start and will ensure all of your hedge plants grow at a similar rate. The only exception to this rule is Box hedging. Box should not be pruned straight after planting as the roots of Buxus plants require a little longer than other hedge plants to fully establish

To help establish growth, we also suggest planting with our highly recommended Rootgrow enabling your plants to get their best possible start to establishment. If you are unfamiliar with planting with Rootgrow, we have included a demonstrative video with a running commentary as a guide to using this nutrient enhancer.

If you would like any further information on planting, our Planting Advice section is full of useful information for you to access. Our YouTube channel is also full of instructional videos that give easy to follow guides on planting methods, planting essentials and information on different root types.