How To Lay Turf

18 April 2015

Laying our classic roll-on lawn turf is one of the easiest and quickest ways to get that flawless lawn that all gardeners dream of. This blog takes you through 7 easy steps to reach the ultimate, lush, lawn…


The first thing to do before your turf even arrives is to completely remove all debris, stones and weeds from your site as these can affect how well your turf establishes. If your garden suffers from a lot of stubborn weeds, it’s possible to use a weed killer on the site, but please bear in mind that you may have to wait 7 days before laying your turf depending on the chemicals in the weed treatment – always read the label.


You need your site to be as dry as possible, so avoid any form of moisture reaching the soil. Then, level the area by raking through the soil and adding topsoil to even out any high or low spots. Create the basic shape and contours of your lawn using the soil.


Next, using a garden roller or just your feet, compact the soil down until it’s firm enough that only a light footprint is left when you walk across it and you can’t feel it sinking down. After this step you should be left with the final shape and contours you want for your new lawn.


Gently rake over the surface of the soil, only reaching a depth of about 20mm. It’s also a good idea to mix in a good, organic fertiliser at this point, especially if you struggle with the fertility of your soil. When this final preparation step is complete, you’re ready for the arrival of your turf.


When planning your delivery date you need to take into account that turf should be laid within 24 hours of delivery, so make sure you arrange a time when you will be able to get going straight away. Next is the fun part – time to start laying. You need to avoid walking or standing on your turf immediately after it has been laid, so, once your first row is down, lay two planks across your new turf and continue working from these – this will even out the weight and have a lesser impact on the turf.


The best place to start is with the longest straight edge of your prepared site. Lay your rolls of turf out, end to end with them touching as much as possible – avoid pulling the turf into position as this can cause damage, instead gently push the ends together to close the gaps. Turf follows the same pattern as brickwork in that you stagger the joints so the edges don’t have an opportunity to dry out.


As soon as all your turf has been laid, give it a good, heavy watering. This is to ensure that not only the turf, but the underlying soil as well, has enough water. You can check that the water has soaked through and reached the soil by carefully lifting up a corner of the turf – the soil should be soaked through. Continue to water your new lawn in this way once daily for the first few weeks to make sure the turf is fully established.

And the most important step... enjoy your new lawn! 

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