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National Growing and Wellbeing Week

National Growing and Wellbeing Week
4 June 2019

This week hosts the National Growing for Wellbeing Week, which was founded by Annabelle Padwick, who is also the founder of the amazing not for profit organisation Life at No.27. Built in 2019, the mission of Life at No.27 is to connect with, believe in and empower people; transforming lives through the power of gardening and growing our own produce.

Life at No.27 first started as a blog 3 and a half years ago where Annabelle would write fun content for people like herself, a keen gardener but with no experience and in their 20’s. Sharing her personal mental health and gardening journey, in the hope to connect with other newbie non stereotypical allotment owners and give them someone to relate to. Through promoting gardening to a younger audience and encouraging people suffering with their health to give gardening a go, Life at no.27 was born.

“We are committed to providing a safe, inspiring and nurturing environment that can meet the needs of young people who are struggling in a mainstream setting and also adults in day to day life. “ Life at No.27

Why the name? Not a typical gardening organisation name you may think, but this was chosen on purpose. Not only did the number 27 have much significance to Annabelle through it being her age at the time, it was also the number of the allotment plot which became hers on the 27th October 2015. The name suits the organisation perfectly by branching away from the stereotypical gardening jargon and reaching out to those who haven’t yet experienced getting their hands in the soil. The social enterprise is for anyone and everyone who don’t know or realise what gardening can really do for your health, physically but more importantly, mentally.

There are 3 main pillars to the organisation that mould in together. First is the allotment therapy sites, with the first opening later this year, providing a scheme were clients, referred via their GP, have their own piece of land that they garden and work on. Through this extra control and responsibility, they are given, it sets it apart from other similar organisations and takes that extra leap in helping people through their mental health journey.

The second pillar is the Buddy Scheme, which is what it says on the tin. Life at No.27 will partner up people who have an allotment or a garden with somebody who has been referred for therapy, in order to share skills, provide support, structure and continuity. Through this not only are people out gardening and learning new skills, they’re meeting other people in their community who can share their methods and also get their gardens tidied up at the same time. Here at best4hedging we are proud to be offering our support with this scheme and if you would like to get involved and be a buddy, please contact us or Life at No.27.

The third pillar is the growing project of the School Programmes where Life at No.27 delivers short or long term gardening and well being-based programmes within schools,engaging and inspiring children who are struggling with difficult life situations and mental health illnesses. Building skills, confidence and resilience.
As well as providing year-round National Curriculum based programmes for all students. Through fun, like minded and relatable activities, this well help schools, teachers and children understand the benefits of gardening.

Here at best4hedging we are pleased to be supporting Annabelle and Life at No.27 through their journey. We have recently donated some Lavender that will be used on the therapy sites and for this week we are offering a 10% discount code on all lavender orders in honour of National Growing and Wellbeing Week. Use code WELLBEING on orders placed 3-9thJune.

For more information on Life at No.27, please visit the website here. Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.