Should I use horse manure?

1 August 2015

Countless garden enthusiasts question themselves on whether or not to use horse manure as an effective compost. Here at Best4hedging, we are no strangers to using horse manure when planting a hedge, however it is not essential. If you have planted with our highly recommended Rootgrow and Bonemeal, your hedge will already be receiving a sufficient amount of nutrients to allow for healthy establishment. For those of you who are unaware of how to plant with these suggested nutrient enhancers, we have created an instructional video with running commentary to assist you in getting your plants the best possible start to establishment.

You can find these products available in our Planting Essentials page. Furthermore, if you require any information regarding planting, do go to our Planting Advice page which is full of helpful tips, from what to do prior to your plants arrival to planting. Also, have a look at our YouTube channel for planting instructions as it includes numerous demonstrative videos to help you achieve your planting goals.