How do I use Rootgrow?

Rootgrow for plants can be applied in two different ways but the key thing to remember is that it should be applied directly to the root system. For root ball, pot grown and cell grown plants, you can sprinkle the granules into the planting hole. We’ve included an easy to follow video that demonstrates the two ways to apply this planting essential. For bare root plants, Rootgrow can be made into a gel form and the roots of the plants dipped into the mixture before placing into the planting hole. The... Read More


Transform your garden into a butterfly haven

With their beautiful markings and delicate wings, butterflies add a colourful burst of interest to the garden. Britain alone has 59 resident species of butterfly, but with these numbers rapidly declining it’s now more important than ever to encourage these wonderful creatures into your outdoor space. You can attract a flutter (or kaleidoscope, as the correct term is) of butterflies by following these simple tips… Plant some beautiful flowers  The good news is that butterflies love all kinds of flowers so you have plenty to choose from when planting seeds... Read More

Mowing a new lawn 08/05/2015

Turf Aftercare

After laying a new lawn, the care you provide in the following few weeks are critical to the success of your turf. Similar to plants and hedges, the first season after laying your turf requires a little bit of extra TLC to encourage it to firmly establish in the soil. By following these guidelines, you’ll maintain the excellent condition in which your turf was delivered and be left with a fantastic looking lawn. Taking extra care in the first few weeks will also help to prevent any future problems from... Read More

bare patch in lawn 30/04/2015

Top tips for repairing bare patches in lawns

The last thing you want when you’ve just started planning all your summer BBQs and garden parties is to find a bare patch in your lush lawn but if you do, don’t panic! This blog can help you get your lawn back to best just in time for the BBQ season. Now is the ideal time to tackle bare patches in your lawn as the weather in spring provides the optimum conditions for your lawn to recover quickly. Autumn is another good time to fix problems with your turf as... Read More

Ivy screen 13/04/2015

How to plant and care for your Ivy Screen

An Ivy screen is an attractive, alternative way to create a privacy structure in your garden without the need to build a fence or wall. This blog is here to show you just how easy it is to install an Ivy screen and maintain it and, by following these guidelines, you should find that in just one growing season the Ivy will create a dense, fully covered green screen. The 13 Hedera plants, each with 5 stems, are grown in potting soil in a biodegradable cocopot and are supported by an extremely... Read More

topiary wire shape 25/03/2015

Top tips for tip top Topiary

Whether you’re growing your own topiary, trimming an old topiary tree back into shape or planting a ready-made topiary specimen, our top tips can help you make the most out of this long-standing art form in your garden. For instant impact choose a ready-shaped topiary form, not only will you have an immediate garden feature but the only thing you’ll need to do is to give it a light trim once or twice a year to keep it neat.   If you have a lot of patience, there’s nothing more satisfying... Read More


How to create your own topiary

Topiary never goes out of fashion, adding instant impact to any size of space. You can buy ready-grown and shaped topiary plants, but it’s also fun to shape your own garden feature. Here are our top tips for topiary beginners: What style of topiary: There are different kinds of topiary you can attempt depending on the result you want. You can buy a plant and grow and simply shape it yourself freehand, or you can train a plant to grow through a specially-shaped frame, which is placed over the plant... Read More


How to tend to your physique as well as your plants

The New Year inspires resolutions of getting healthy and aiming to endure more exercise. But why join the hustle and bustle of a busy gym when you have a perfectly good alternative in your back yard? You may not feel like you’re pumping iron when you’re pruning your Privet, but did you know that gardening is one of the most effective ways to exercise? Its true! Gardening reaps huge rewards and as well as sculpting your outdoor space, you’re sculpting your body and moulding your mind without even realising it.... Read More