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Root Ball Hedging

Similarly to bare root plants, root ball hedging plants are grown naturally in a field but this growing method is normally reserved for much larger species. They can be left in these fields (watered and fed) for many years, meaning that when they are ready for delivery, our customers are provided with mature, healthy hedging plants, perfect for establishing a new hedge quickly.

Root ball hedging plants are more cost-effective than buying the same sizes in the pot grown equivalent as they are cheaper to grow (no re-potting required). They are especially economical when looking for very tall or bushy plants and will help in achieving instant impact more quickly. For more information here

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Root Ball Hedge Plants

In order to remove these dormant plants from their field, machinery is used to scoop the roots out of the ground whilst cutting out the surrounding soil. This is all wrapped in a hessian sack (or wire for larger specimens) which is left on whilst planting and will decompose naturally.

Root ball planting advice

Again, like bare roots, root ball plants are only available from late October to April. This is because they are dormant (sleeping) during this time so will not go in to shock from being transplanted. The success rate for planting root balls is high, but not as high as pot grown hedging plants. As expected, the success rate will increase if they are planted into their final position before spring and as soon after delivery as possible. The not so secret 'secret' about planting a successful hedge is water! We stress the importance of keeping large evergreen plants thoroughly watered and recommend watering the planting hole prior to planting them in and generously watering the plants again after planting.

Another tactic for ensuring the healthy establishment of your plants is to plant with Rootgrow, this organic fertiliser has been proven to improve plants' ability to absorb water and nutrients whilst increasing their tolerance to drought and disease. Please see the best4hedging range of Planting Essentials for further information.

Please note that large root balls (1m and taller) may be inclined to defoliate or suffer from yellowing of the leaves during their first bout of hot weather. This is simply the plant reacting to the shock of the temperature change and they just need a good watering to see them through.

Pre-order root ball hedging

Best4hedging begin taking pre-orders for root ball hedging plants from mid-summer and build up a huge amount of pre-orders between then and the end of October. As late October/early November is the best time for planting (less risky than planting in March/April) we recommend pre-ordering to ensure delivery of your plants at the start of the planting season.