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Laurel Novita Hedge Plants

Prunus laurocerasus 'Novita'

Laurel Novita, (Prunus laurocerasus ‘Novita’) is one of the most versatile hedging species. Laurel Novita is a newly developed variety of Cherry Laurel, both hardier and more tolerant of weather extremes and considered less susceptible to common Laurel diseases. As with standard Cherry Laurel, Prunus 'Novita'  boasts large, glossy green foliage all-year-round. It is an excellent choice of hedge plant for dense evergreen hedging and makes an effective wind, noise and privacy screen.  The Laurel hedging species family is the UK’s most popular landscape and garden shrub and Laurel 'Novita' is set to be added to that list , with its added benefits.

At a glance; Best Features: Evergreen foliage, year-round interest, white flowers, wildlife value

Prunus Novita Hedging Description

Prunus laurocerasus ‘Novita’ hedging is a new and hardier variety of Cherry Laurel, particularly tolerant of weather extremes and adaptable to most environements, even coastal. As with common Cherry Laurel, this new variety of evergreen Laurel hedge plant exhibits a bushy habit with attractive, large, polished green leaves all year round. In spring, Laurel Novita produces pretty, vertical clusters of creamy-white flowers with yellow centres on long, erect stems that are popular with bees. The flowers are followed by small, red fruits turning black in the autumn, providing a welcome source of food for birds. With the continuously changing seasonal interest that this shrub offers, plus its increased hardiness compared to Cherry Laurel, Laurel Novita is quickly gaining in popularity and is seen as a more robust variety with equally attractive and in-demand qualities.

Best Uses for Laurel Novita

Laurel Novita hedge plants are a favourable choice to have in the garden for various reasons. They’re a fast-growing species and with dense, robust, evergreen foliage, can provide an effective privacy screen and shelter in all seasons. Prunus Novita hedging can also tolerate pollution and arid sites, as well as dense shade, making it ideal for problem areas, such as poor soil or parts of your garden with minimal sunlight. Laurel hedging is low-maintenance and easy-to-grow but Laurel plants can also be pot-grown and used as an ornamental shrub to decorate patios or gardens with limited space. Laurel Novita is easily trimmed to create a stunning formal appearance, but can also be left unpruned to establish a more natural look in your landscape area. Best4hedging recommend against planting Prunus Novita as a hedge barrier to contain livestock, as the foliage is poisonous. Where pets or children are concerned, there are no reported cases of any serious harm to either. In the unlikely event of the leaves being consumed, should a reaction occur, an upset stomach would be the most likely outcome. But if you have any concerns, please contact a medical professional.

Combine Laurel Novita Hedging With

Prunus Novita hedging is traditionally planted as a stand-alone shrub to showcase its many attributes and attractive appearance, so rarely needs companion plants to improve the garden aesthetic. Laurel Novita has a slightly spreading habit, tending to fill the surrounding space of its planting site and providing a gorgeous, bushy hedge that can be pruned into a smaller form if required. This is a common attribute for Laurel hedging in general.

Growth Rate of Prunus laurocerasus 'Novita'

When planted in optimum conditions, a Novita Laurel hedge will achieve a growth of 30-60cm per year, with a final height of between 1.5 – 5 metres at maturity. 

Care Advice for Your Laurel NovitaHedge

As with Cherry Laurel, Laurel Novita is a low-maintenance hedging species that requires a light trim once a year. However, if you’re looking for a more formal aesthetic, you may wish to carry out a second trim to keep the foliage neat. Prune your Laurel hedge in late winter or early spring, removing any damaged or diseased shoots. 

Suggested Planting Density for Laurel Novita Hedging

For specific information on how far to space your Laurel Novita hedge when planting, please see the product table. In the ‘No. Per Metre’ column, you will find our recommended planting density for individual plant species and root types.

We currently offer only pot grown hedge plants in this variety which can be planted year round.

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