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Our Partnership with the RSPB

With a recent decline in the population numbers of some bird species across Britain, such as the House Sparrow, it’s now more important than ever to do our bit for nature. This is why we’ve recently joined forces with the RSPB to create Bird Friendly Hedging Bundles that can be used to support the local wildlife in your garden, whilst still providing you with a fantastic garden feature.

best4hedging is the only place you’ll find RSPB approved hedging as we are the exclusive retailers of these Bird Friendly Hedging Packs. We’ve worked closely with the RSPB Conservation Team to carefully select the very best hedging plants for birds and other wildlife. Our hedging packs were developed and produced under licence from RSPB Sales Ltd. to raise awareness of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (charity registration England and Wales no. 207076, Scotland no. SC037654). 

Approved Economy Bird Friendly hedging Economy Bird Friendly hedge packApproved Economy Bird Friendly hedging Economy Bird Friendly hedge pack

Why Plant A RSPB Hedging Pack?

Planting one of our RSPB approved hedges is a long-term investment as you may not see immediate results, however once at maturity, they will offer huge wildlife value. The hedging plants in these packs have been chosen for their ability to provide several key elements that are essential to local wildlife, including: the availability of shelter; a source of food, either provided directly from the hedging plants in the form of berries or through the attractiveness of the hedging plants to insects on which birds feed; and adequate nesting sites. The variety of hedge plants included in our RSPB approved Hedging Packs will attract various bird species that feed on different berries and nuts, and other smaller animals such as hedgehogs, that will forage in the undergrowth of your hedge.

Wildlife Benefits

Planting one of our RSPB Hedging Bundles is an easy way to actively garden for wildlife. Gardening for wildlife is not about giving up your outdoor space and its ornamental value, but learning to share it with nature and creating structural diversity that will support a biodiverse habitat for many species.  Structural diversity is the variation in the shape and form of plants; the greater the diversity, the greater the number of bird and animal species that will be attracted to your garden. The architecture of a garden plays a key role in supporting the needs of various wildlife and, as a hedge can provide structure, height and texture, it’s the ideal way to make your space wildlife friendly, even in small gardens. Our RSPB approved Hedging Bundles form a framework in which birds can build nests and shelters; they create corridors that allow all wildlife to move safely through your neighbourhood; the dense structure provides cover from predators and, as there are many different species contained in one hedging unit, you don’t need to worry about over-crowding your garden with several shrubs and hedges - hedges really are the foundation of a wildlife friendly garden.

RSPB approved Bird Friendly Hedging Packs are available exclusively from best4hedging and offer you the chance to connect with nature right on your doorstep. And, the more effort we put into helping our local wildlife, the more chance we’ll have of reducing the risk of 1 in 10 wildlife species becoming extinct in our lifetime. So, do your bit for nature and plant an RSPB hedge!