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If you are only going to buy 1 product to aid your plant's growth - make it Rootgrow. The only plant treatment endorsed by The Royal Horticultural Society

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What is Rootgrow?

  • A completely natural product, containing Mycorrhizal fungi.
  • Mycorrhizal fungi is a living organism, essential to all plant root development, which enables plants to extract nutrients and absorb moisture more efficiently - it's like Yakult for plants!

Benefits of Planting with Rootgrow

  • Rootgrow will improve: disease and drought resistance, soil condition, fruit and flower production and the shock caused by transplanting - planting with Rootgrow will result in triple the growth rate compared to none treated plants. Hedging planted with Rootgrow will experience better, earlier growth with fewer losses.
  • Only one treatment of Rootgrow is needed to support the plant for its entire lifetime. All Rootgrow products can be sprinkled into the planting hole, however, those that come with gel sachets (360g packs and larger) can be mixed together to form a paste. Bare root plants can then be dipped into the mixture giving a more cost-effective usage rate.
  • Applying Rootgrow to your plants does not result in an excessive root system, as some customers occasionally ask. In fact, plants treated with Rootgrow have a smaller root system, than untreated plants, but with a far superior root architecture.
  • We strongly recommend planting with Rootgrow, however there are certain types of plants that benefit more than others, such as: flowering or fruiting hedging; evergreen species (it takes more effort to make an evergreen leaf than a deciduous leaf) and tall pot grown plants when the root to shoot ratio is off balance.

If you are ordering Rootgrow with Box bare roots then please add 20% to the recommended usage level to allow for the large root system.

Click 'read more' below to see our Rootgrow usage chart to find out how much you will need for your planting project.


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