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Rose Hedging | Rosa Hedge

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Rosa Hedge Plants

There are over 100 species of Rose plants and Best4hedging provide a wonderful selection of some of the most popular varieties for garden hedging.


Unusual History of Rose hedging

Rosa Canina (Dog Rose) is a very interesting plant and has been used for many different purposes all over the world. In the U.S it was planted in Victory Gardens during World War II and can still be found growing all over the country to this day. Dog Rose is the county flower of Hampshire. In Bulgaria, the hips are used to make a sweet wine whilst in Slovenia it is a key ingredient in a commercial soft drink called 'Cockta'. Austrian medicine uses it for treating kidney infections by brewing it into a tea. The 'hips' are high in vitamin C and it is commonly used in making syrup, tea and marmalade.


Canina translates from the Latin to mean 'dog like', which is where the common name stems from. It was used in the 18th and 19th century to treat rabid dogs bites however it is unclear if this is where the name comes from or if it was used because of its name.


The leaves and fruit of Rosa Rugosa (Ramanus Rose) are also high in vitamin C and can be used to make tea whilst the seeds can be ground to produce a vitamin E substitute. 'Rugosa' comes from the Latin 'full of wrinkles' which refers to the deeply veined leaves. As a plant native to eastern Asia, it is commonly found in Japan, China and Korea. In Korean it is known as haedanghwa, which means 'flowers near seashore' in reference to its tolerance of salt air.


Rosa Rugosa has many common names, most of which are related to the fruits which resemble tomatoes. It may also be referred to as: beach tomato, sea tomato, saltspray rose, beach rose or beach plum.


It is highly regarded amongst rose breeders for its resistant to rose rust and rose black spot.


Guelder Rose or Viburnum Opulus, is the national symbol of Ukraine and the name Guelder comes from the Dutch province of Guelderland where it has been found to grow in abundance.


All of our Rosa hedging plants are suitable for a formal and informal garden styles. They provide a colourful display, incorporating both pretty flowers and vibrant fruits. Dog Rose and Guelder Rose are both key ingredients in our popular mixed native hedging packs. For more inspiration, look at our full range of flowering hedge plants.