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Topiary trees are a popular plant to have at home. They add style to your outdoor space while creating a welcoming and elegant atmosphere. Whatever type of garden you have, Topiary is suitable for both contemporary and classic.

Due to the various shapes available, topiary plants are perfect for creating a focal feature in your garden. It’s a great way to draw attention while integrating a chic and sophisticated statement in your garden. Another popular way to position topiary trees to your outdoor living space is placing a matching pair on either side of your doorway or along the pavement. For a more formal setting, topiary plants are also popular in a parterre. These styling methods are fantastic to add another dimension to your garden.

There are different styles of topiary available, including Topiary balls, cubes, spirals, pyramids or cones and lollipops (standards), all of which provides the same level of elegance to your home. best4hedging stocks these topiary shapes, which can be found on our website.

One of the advantages to growing topiary trees is that they’re evergreen shrubs with a long-term lifespan.

For more information on how to incorporate topiary trees into your garden, read our ‘Top 5 ways to use to Topiary’. 

What is a Topiary Tree?

Topiary is a form of horticultural art, as it involves clipping the twigs and foliage to form stunning symmetrical and distinct shapes. Common topiary shapes include balls, cubes, pyramids or cones, spirals and lollipops. Sometimes, topiary trees are moulded into the most spectacular shapes such as animals. For more information on how to trim and shape topiary trees, read our top tips guide

Caring for your Topiary Plants

While topiary trees are a stunning feature to have in your garden, it’s essential to ensure they maintain their shape and health. Replanting your topiary tree is the first thing to do once your shrub arrives. Our topiary is grown in the field and then containerised for delivery, so it is important that you re-plant your topiary into the ground or larger planters.

Like with all plants, watering and feeding are crucial for health and development, especially after the trees have been replanted. Topiary trees need to be watered regularly. Don’t rely on rainwater. The water doesn’t always run into the soil, so water your plant at the base. We offer a range of specialist feeds and fertilisers which enrich the soil and the foliage of evergreen plants, perfect for topiary.

Topiary trees are relatively low-maintenance and should be pruned yearly. It’s advised to prune topiary in early or late summer.

We’ve put together a guide, which provides more information on how to care for topiary trees.

For more information on topiary trees, contact the best4hedging team today - 01257 261 243