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Our Beech Hedge Plants, otherwise known as Fagus sylvatica are a popular hedging species, native to the UK. Beech displays wonderfully bright, fluttery foliage in spring that fades slightly leading into summer, before showcasing stunning shades of coppery orange and brown in the autumn. Beech hedges are often regarded as semi-evergreen hedge plants as, when lightly pruned in August, the leaves can remain on the branches for the majority of the winter.

  • Best Features: Year-round interest, bright spring foliage
  • Ideal For Hedges: 1m - 5m high
  • Growth Rate: Average to Fast | 30-60cm a year
  • Position: Any normal soil, sun or partial shade, exposed inland and coastal
  • Also Consider: Purple or Copper Beech (Fagus sylvatica Purpurea) for an alternative darker look during spring and summer, with bronzed foliage, similar to Common Beech hedging, appearing in the autumn and winter. Or take a look at our range of mixed native hedging packs for a more dramatic combination of seasonal colour.

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Beech 40/60cm 2L pot
Beech 40/60cm 2L pot

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2L Pot



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Beech 60/90cm 2L pot
Beech 60/90cm 2L pot

Pot Grown
2L Pot



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Beech 120/150cm 10L pot
Beech 120/150cm 10L pot

Pot Grown
10L Pot



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Beech 175/200cm 10L pot
Beech 175/200cm 10L pot

Pot Grown
10L Pot
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Beech 40L 80/100cm 1 Metre Trough
Beech 40L 80/100cm 1 Metre Trough

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1m Trough

80/100cm 1m Trough

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Beech 90L 160/180cm 1 Metre Trough
Beech 90L 160/180cm 1 Metre Trough

Instant Hedging
1m Trough

160/180cm 1m Trough

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Common Beech hedges (Fagus sylvatica) description

Beech (Fagus sylvatica) hedging offer a bright and beautiful display of green hues throughout spring and summer, with the medium-sized leaves adopting warm autumn colours and crisping during the colder months. Beech, also known as European Beech or Common Beech, has great wildlife value and is one of the best hedge plants for colourful seasonal interest. Although not officially considered as an evergreen hedge, it offers the privacy of an evergreen variety with dense screening and shelter from wind and noise, as the foliage often lasts year round.

Most popular uses of Beech hedge plants

Classically, these hedges are planted alone to create a formal feature; however, they can also be used in a mixed native hedge to add an element of semi-evergreen interest. Beech hedging also makes a useful windbreak.

Combine Fagus sylvatica with

Green Beech hedging works wonderfully combined with Hornbeam; similar in colour but adding a subtle texture difference to the hedge. Combine Fagus sylvatica with Purple Beech for a powerful colour combination; or to create an intruder deterrent, you could consider mixing Pyracantha for a spikey, interesting hedge.

Where to plant Beech hedges

Fagus sylvatica will thrive in any well-drained soil, preferring a chalky site; however, we recommend avoiding very wet positions. If your soil is wet or heavy clay then Hornbeam hedge plants may prove to be a better option, as this hedging plant, although similar in appearance, can tolerate wetter soils better than our Beech hedging for sale. With the ability to handle windy, exposed sites, Beech hedge plants are a great choice for coastal positions. Although tolerant of harsh conditions, continuous exposure to very extreme weather may cause some of the crisp winter foliage to fall. Full sun or partial shade is our recommended level of exposure to encourage healthy Beech plants.

Growth rate of Beech hedge plants

Fagus sylvatica will reach a final height of 5 metres at maturity,  but due to the fast growth rate of this hedging (about 30-60cm per year), it can be pruned to a relatively low form (1m upwards), without the worry of grow-back taking a long time.

Care advice for Fagus sylvatica hedging

We advise trimming your Beech hedge in late summer or early autumn. Pruning at this time is essential to ensure the brown winter leaves remain on your hedge, providing winter coverage. If you are faced with overgrown Beech hedging, a hard prune can be carried out in February while your hedge plants are still dormant; however, if the weather is especially cold, it is better to delay cutting slightly, so as to avoid any damage to your hedge.For any further information about pruning or caring for your Beech hedge plants, please view our Hedging Care Advice page.

Suggested planting density for Fagus sylvatica

For guidance and specific information on spacing when planting your hedge, please see the product table below. In the 'No. Per Metre' column, you will find our recommended planting density for each individual plant species and root type.

Buying beech hedging

We offer Fagus sylvatica in a range of different root types, including bare root, available November to late April/early May (depending on season); high-quality cell grown and pot grown plants and instant hedging, which is available all year round. All of our Beech hedging for sale, regardless of the root type, is given the utmost care prior to leaving our site to ensure you receive top quality hedge plants.

The vast majority of our Beech hedging plants are UK grown by industry experts, although occasionally it is necessary to source Beech hedges from specialist growers overseas, where we are confident that the quality of care given cannot be faulted. At best4hedging, our aim is to provide you with the healthiest Beech hedge plants, in the best condition, whilst keeping our prices to a minimum, providing you with reliable quality and service.

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