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Blackthorn Hedging | Prunus Spinosa

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Prunus Spinosa

As one of the most traditional native hedging plants in the UK, Blackthorn (Prunus Spinosa) has been popularly used throughout Britain for hundreds of years. First planted in the 1300s to separate farmlands, this fast growing species has provided a fantastic impenetrable barrier for farmers and home-owners.


History and Folklore related to Blackthorn Hedges

Famous for its sloes, blackthorn berries are used in a variety of ways, including wine, sloe gin and fruit pies. Blackthorn wood is thought to be good for fire wood, as it is slow burning but provides substantial heat with little smoke. The word sloe originates from the Old English slah and the phrase 'sloe-eyed' refers to somebody with dark eyes, this was a colloquial term first documented in Literature in 1867.


Blackthorn plants have been referred to as 'mother of the wood' for its early flowering. It is its early-flowering habit that has also caused people to associate the pretty white blossoms with cold winters. In the fairy tale 'Sleeping Beauty', it was a blackthorn bush that sprung up around the castle to hide the Princess but the thorns parted to make way for the Prince to rescue her.


Wildlife benefits of Prunus Spinosa

As it is native to the UK, Blackthorn is of great benefit to our wildlife. The blue fruits are eaten by waxwings, thrushes, starlings and many other types of birds. The dense, thorny foliage also makes a good nesting sight for blackbirds, song thrushes and finches. As Blackthorn is particularly early flowering, it is a great source of nectar and pollen to honey bees and bumble bees.


Best4hedging provide Prunus Spinosa plants in a range of sizes and root types. For a cost effective way of planting a hedge, take a look at our bare root hedging plants. Blackthorn is fast growing so if you have the luxury of time on your hands, you can plant smaller plants as you can expect your hedge to grow 40-60cm a year. For a wider choice of prickly, intruder deterrent plants, view the Best4hedging range.


Common Misspellings of Blackthorn

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