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10 Reasons to Choose Portuguese Laurel Hedging

10 Reasons to Choose Portuguese Laurel Hedging
9 March 2016

The contrasting stem and leaf colour of Portuguese Laurel creates an impressive visual effect and its ability to thrive in difficult conditions makes it a preferred alternative than the popular Cherry Laurel (prunus laurocerasus rotundifolia). As a member of the Prunus genus, the benefits of attaining a Portuguese Laurel hedge are plentiful.

Our top 10 reasons to plant a Portuguese Laurel hedge

  1. Portuguese Laurel has received the reputable Award of Garden Merit by the Royal Horticultural Society.
  2. The polished, dark green leaves sit on the end of vivid maroon stems. The multi-coloured foliage produces a stunning contrast, perfect for administrating a focal point within a garden design.
  3. This quick growing hedge is cost effective and can bring impact to a garden within a satisfactory time period.
  4. Perfect for exposed coastal gardens, its hardy nature can tolerate the forceful, salt laden winds, intense sunlight and freezing winter temperatures.
  5.  Plant Portuguese Laurel to bring colour to those dull, covered areas of your garden as they thrive in fully shaded positions.
  6. Portuguese Laurel is evergreen, offering year round screening, wind protection and noise reduction.
  7. Attain Portuguese Laurel hedge plants throughout the year as they are accessible in containers, as well as many other root types.
  8. As well as year round cover, Portuguese Laurel supply seasonal interest as small fragrant white flowers appear in summer, tailed by smooth red berries that turn black in winter.
  9. Its features are not only loved by us gardeners as it proves popular with an abundance of wildlife. Both the flowers and berries are adored by birds, bees and butterflies whilst its dense structure and compact evergreen foliage offers winter protection for small animals.
  10. Portuguese Laurel looks striking as a stand-alone feature, but is a fantastic component amongst other shrubs to create a tapestry style hedge.

See our short video below explaining everything you need to know about Portuguese Laurel


Facts you probably didn’t know about Portuguese Laurel

The young leaves start life folded in on themselves like barely opened pods, they have growth spurts which sees them open and flatten into the streamlined shape leaf of constant glossy green.