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hedging species

  • The Complete Lavender Hedging and Shrub Guide
    12 April 2021

    The Complete Lavender Hedging and Shrub Guide

    Lavender is a popular hedging plant highly favoured for its aromatic fragrance, striking flowers and diverse range of uses, not just in the kitchen, but also to benefit health and wellbeing all of which adds greatly to the overall attractiveness of this stunning shrub. Read our full guide to lovely Lavender to find out more about its origins and uses, the different varieties that we stock, plus the ideal planting locations and conditions needed for Lavender to thrive in your garden.

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  • A Focus On Topiary
    2 April 2021

    A Focus on: Topiary

    We are putting a focus on topiary. The perks, the operation behind the stunning aesthetics and glorious shapes that can reinvent your garden. Looking for topiary inspiration? Look no further...

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  • beauty from hedging
    24 February 2021

    beauty from hedging

    Fragrant hedging is very popular in beauty and healthcare products! The qualities and benefits of plant extracts have been studied and tested for hundreds of years with researchers finding cures for skin problems, headaches and heaps more!

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  • Yew Hedging Top 10
    5 February 2021

    10 Reasons to Choose Yew Hedging

    Yew has a reputation as the King of Hedges, and it’s not hard to see why. Planted for thousands of years throughout the UK and Europe, Taxus Baccata has a huge range of features and benefits that make it a wonderful garden hedge and have led to its longstanding popularity.

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  • 10 reasons to plant a Mixed Native Hedge
    26 September 2019

    10 reasons to plant a Mixed Native Hedge

    Mixed native hedging is the perfect choice for adding colour and texture to your garden as well as inviting beautiful local wildlife to nest and feed.

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  • Privet Hedging Top Ten Features
    20 September 2019

    10 Reasons to Choose Privet Hedging

    Privet is one of our most popular hedging plants for a huge number of reasons, 10 of which you can find out here! Find out more about this UK favourite, its features, benefits and different varieties.

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  • Cooking with Lavender
    13 August 2019

    Cooking with Lavender

    Lavender can be used to add a touch of quintessential summer to your dishes and as you can pick it fresh, straight from the garden, you don’t have to worry about the shelves being empty.

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  • Why choose hedges with berries?
    16 September 2016

    Why choose hedges with berries?

    Wondering if hedging with berries is the choice for you? From wildlife interest to colour appeal, we have pulled together this advice blog on reasons to choose hedging with berries.

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  • 10 reasons to choose Western Red Cedar Hedging
    13 September 2016

    10 reasons to choose Western Red Cedar Hedging

    Western Red Cedar is a stunning evergreen, perfect for a beatiful statement hedge. This popular conifer is rated top 10 in our best sellers. Find out why here.

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  • 10 Reasons to Choose Hornbeam Hedging
    1 August 2016

    10 Reasons to Choose Hornbeam Hedging

    Hornbeam is a native species favoured for its attractive foliage and ability to adapt to difficult planting sites. We’ve compiled a list of of our top ten reasons to choose this fantastic hedge plant for your garden so you can find out why it's consistently one of our best sellers!

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  • Griselinia Top !0 Reasons to Plant
    8 July 2016

    10 reasons to choose Griselinia littoralis hedging

    Griselinia, also known as New Zealand Privet, is one of our top-selling evergreen hedge species. Here you can find out our top ten reasons why we think it's so special and why this could be the ideal hedge for your garden, particularly if you are looking for a fresh, modern look.

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  • Portuguese Laurel Hedging Top Ten Attributes
    9 March 2016

    10 Reasons to Choose Portuguese Laurel Hedging

    Portuguese Laurel is a popular hedge plant and favoured for its many wonderful qualities. Read our top ten reasons to choose Portuguese Laurel as the hedge plant for your garden to find out why this particular Laurel is a UK favourite and also why it can sometimes be a preferred alternative to Cherry Laurel.

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