DIY Valentines craft ideas for green fingered romantics

Our favourite DIY Valentines gift ideas for the garden lover in your life:
1. Heart-shaped, hanging bird feeders
This is the perfect gift for the wildlife fanatic. If your partner loves spending time watching birds visiting your garden, they’ll love these heart-shaped bird feeders, as they’re sure to attract plenty more birds.
Hanging heart-shaped bird feeders
2. Garden pond – in a pot
If your partner is desperate for a garden pond, but space just won’t allow – this is a great way to give them exactly what they want, and it costs a lot less than moving to a new house with a garden big enough for a real pond.
Garden pond in a pot
3. Handmade Valentines seed paper
This delicate present provides a long-lasting token of your affection – once planted, this seed paper will grow into beautiful blossoms.
valentines seed paper
4. Valentines vase arrangement made from garden cuttings
You can use any attractive stems from your garden to make this ornamental gift. Vibrant red Dogwood stems would fit in well with the Valentine’s Day theme.
Handmade Valentines
5. Home-made heart-shaped seed bombs
Another quick and easy way to give a long-lasting gift, and planting these seed bombs together is a good way to spend some quality time with each other as well.
Heart-shaped seed bombs
And if these crafty ideas seem a bit daunting, you could always go for the easier option and buy your partner a hedging plant, shrub or tree. I know a bunch of flowers would be a more traditional gift, but think about it, a plant will last so much longer (and is much better value for money), suggesting that your affection is a lot more permanent than the shelf life of a bunch of flowers – and just think of all the brownie points you’ll get when you give that as the reason behind your gift!

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