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How do I use Bonemeal?

How do I use Bonemeal?
4 August 2015

When it comes to purchasing your plants, its not unusual to be bombarded with suggested fertilisers as everyone has their favourite. We highly reccomend using organic Bonemeal to ensure your plants get the best start to establishment as possible. The purpose of Bonemeal is essentially improving the quality of your soil by increasing the intake of nutrients plants need to develop.

A great, slow releasing fertiliser, Bonemeal should be applied to the soil as opposed to the roots of the plant. You can do this by forking it through your backfill, ensuring it is mixed in well with the soil allowing the nutrients to reach the roots. You can also sprinkle your Bonemeal onto the surface of the soil after planting. Please see our other blog for advice on how much of this planting essential is needed

We’ve also included an easy to follow video which demonstrates how to apply Bonemeal to your site.

Please note that there are certain precautions to take when applying Bonemeal to sites where animals may graze. Land grazed by pigs should not be used for two months after application and for three weeks for other farm animals. There is no concern for children or pets but to deter dogs from digging up Bonemeal we advise thoroughly mixing with your soil.

We have plenty more information on our Planting Advice page, or have a look at our YouTube channel where you will find tons more videos similar to the one above, that are there to help you with easy to follow instructions when planting your hedger.

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