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November Gardening Advice

November Gardening Advice
1 November 2021

It may be getting a bit colder out but don’t let that deter you out of your gardens and abandon them when they need you the most. Once again we are back with our top 5 hedging jobs for the month and also with some information about bonfire safety!

Remember, remember the 5th November… and remember the wildlife!

Bonfire night is a great tradition that brings the family together whilst we watch beautiful displays light up in the sky and we warm our hands on the crackling bonfire. We have a few tips to help keep you, your family and the local wildlife safe this bonfire weekend.


Hedgehogs love bonfires, they see them as one big shelter for them. Check… and check again! So make sure you thoroughly check your bonfire before lighting. Divert toads, frogs and newts away from the bonfire by creating small piles of leaves and logs as alternative shelter.

Bonfire Uses 

Don’t burn it all- Leave some dead wood and old leaves as habitat piles for wildlife. Make sure the bonfire is out, or safe before leaving it – a large bonfire will produce a pile of ash that could be hot for days afterwards, potentially harming wildlife.


Keep fireworks away from trees and hedgerows to minimise the disturbance of birds in nest boxes and animals.

Do not pin Catherine wheels to trees and try to set them off in an open area, attach them to fence posts or stakes in the ground instead.