monthly gardening advice

  • March Gardening Advice
    1 March 2022

    March Gardening Advice

    In this month's gardening advice we give you the top 5 hedging jobs that you can be doing to your garden in preperation for summer! You can still plant your bare root and root ball hedging this month as the planting conditions now are perfect. Pests will also begin to appear now so keep an eye out! 

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  • February Gardening Advice
    1 February 2022

    February Gardening Advice

    Clear out any weeds ready for the new season, and make sure you still have a food source for wildlife as there are many beautiful bird species who would love to visit your gardens for lunch! Here is February's gardening advice.

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  • December Gardening Advice
    1 December 2021

    December Gardening Advice

    Snow is falling, all around us … Well not quite yet! But we’re definitely hoping for a white Christmas and it’s feeling like we could get one this year with the recent temperatures. We know it’s very tempting to stay indoors and stay warm but we can’t emphasise enough that now really is the perfect time to plant. Bare root hedging is still in its prime time for planting and it’s the most affordable way to get yourself a new hedge! If you’re looking for something a little more instant, root ball hedging is also available!

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  • November Gardening Advice
    1 November 2021

    November Gardening Advice

    Novemebers gardening advice we give you the top 5 hedging jobs for this month, we also look at bonfires and how to keep wildlife safe in this month from bonfires and fireworks! 

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  • October Gardening Advice
    1 October 2021

    October Gardening Advice

    Autumn is well and truly upon us and our gardens are beginning to be painted with new colours and vibrance. Brush off that winter wardrobe and start to prepare yourself and your garden for the upcoming colder months. Here’s our list of gardening jobs that will keep you on top of your garden and welcome winter with open arms. Its also Halloween soon, a fabulous excuse to fill our gardens with spooky decorations.

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  • September Gardening Advice
    1 September 2021

    September Gardening Advice

    September means the change in seasons and therefore a change in the garden is needed! With forecasts for more heavy rain fall, we may be grabbing our rain coats a lot more often. However don’t let the rain keep you from your gardens, with the upcoming bare root and root ball season fastly approaching, now is the time to be preparing your gardens for the Autumn ahead.

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  • August Gardening Advice
    1 August 2021

    August Gardening Advice

    So far this summer we have had some very extreme weather which is largely understood to be the result of climate change. As the climate warms the rise of floods increases. This is because it’ll rain less often, but more heavily as warmer air can hold more moisture. Last week we had a really interesting chat with United Utilities who had sponsored a garden at the RHS Flower Show at Tatton Park. The Garden of Resilience (which won gold by the way!) is part of research project to monitor the effectiveness of rainwater harvesting and sustainable urban drainage.

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  • July Gardening Advice
    1 July 2021

    July Gardening Advice

    July is a gorgeous time of the year, let's make sure our gardens are the best they can be! This months gardening advice we cover the top 5 hedging jobs to do in your garden, for gorgeous sunny summer. We also look at weeding and what to look out for if you think you have fungi starting on your plants. 

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  • June Gardening Advice
    1 June 2021

    June Gardening Advice

    Summer is finally here and we are so excited! This month we have the Garden Wildlife Week, we cover how to help the wildlife in your garden but also the top 5 hedging jobs you can be doing in your garden this month. 

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  • May Gardening Advice
    1 May 2021

    May Gardening Advice

    It's May! The sun is here and we can really get stuck in with our gardens! We have got our top 5 hedging jobs for you specifically for the month of May to get your garden ready for summer and also some tips on how to keep your lawn looking beautiful. 

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  • April Gardening Advice
    1 April 2021

    April Gardening Advice

    It's April! The clocks have gone forward and the nights are getting longer! We bring you some tips for this month's gardening and what wildlife to be looking out for in your garden this month. 

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