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#LoveBirds Competition 28/03/2016

#LoveBirds Competition

Here at best4hedging we adore birds! Hence why we sell an abundance of bird friendly hedging plants and have a great relationship with the RSPB who approve our bird friendly bundles. Many of us will be recovering from the weekend with the amount of Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies of which we surprise ourselves every year with how many we can actually eat, in addition to staying inside watching the strong winds and vicious gales that came with Storm Katie. Due to it being Easter and the number of birds... Read More

Besthedging joins the RSPB 13/12/2015

Best4hedging Joins The RSPB

We are more than happy to announce our newly established relationship with the RSPB who are widely known for their high profile projects; maintaining nature reserves and campaigning to preserve wildlife in need. The charity is also keen to increase awareness of garden activities that give nature a home with their #HomesforNature campaign. Over 1 million members and 15 million annual web visitors a year make the RSPB the largest wildlife conservation charity in Europe, and we’re delighted that they chose Best4hedging to join them in their mission for wildlife. Wildlife... Read More

hummingbird hawkmoth 24/07/2015

Mighty Moths – Why we should welcome the ugly duckling

It seems moths have a much undeserved bad reputation given that their large, fluffy wings can be a bit intimidating, especially flying directly at you when flicking the light on in a dark room. However, as with all insects, scary or not, they hold huge value in the biodiversity of your garden. As with many of Britain’s wildlife species, moths have suffered a decline in recent years with numbers falling by 40% in the last 40 years in southern Britain. However, it’s not all bad news as along with the... Read More

cedar waxwing 08/01/2015

The 10 best plants for birds

Your garden is an important source of food for wildlife year-round, and what you choose to plant can influence which species of birds decide to pay you a visit and feast on your berries. Therefore, it’s essential to plant a variety of hedges, shrubs and plants that berry and flower at different times of the year to ensure that there is food available during every season, particularly winter, as food becomes harder for birds to find at this time. We’ve put together a list of our top 10 plants to... Read More