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Ulex Hedges

As a bushy, native evergreen shrub, Gorse is commonly found all over the UK, including heaths and moors. Also known as Furze bush and Whin, Gorse has spikey foliage and makes a good intruder deterrent hedge.


Survival of Gorse Hedge Plants

Gorse plants have an unusual knack for surviving. Although it is highly flammable it will grow back from the roots. It has also been known to survive altitudes of 3200m. As Ulex Europaeus has nitrogen fixing proerties, it is used to plant in problem areas where it will help other plants to establish better.


Wildlife value of Ulex Hedging

Gorse plants are known for nearly always having some flowers on them. However, the full flowering season begins in April. The Gorse flowers prove a useful source of pollen for beekeepers as they help to build up their colonies prior to the full nectar flows. View the entire Best4Hedging range of flowering hedging.

The spikey foliage provides a dense shelter for nesting birds.

A common rhyme that references the long flowering habit of Ulex is:

'When Gorse is out of blossom,

Kissing's out of fashion.'

Ulex Europaeus hedging has small, pea-like flowers that are a vibrant yellow. The brightly coloured blossoms sit atop green, evergreen foliage and create a colourful display ideal for informal garden hedging.


Common Misspellings of Gorse Hedging