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Hedging for Dry Soil

Here you will find our wide selection of the best hedges for dry soil types. Our great range includes a variety of different species, ideal for all types of gardens and planting schemes. From flowering hedges to mixed native packs, you'll find the best hedging plants for dry soils right here.

Choosing hedge plants for dry soils

Did you know, most hedging plants that are suited to dry soils have grey-green or silver foliage? This is because the leaves are better suited to reflecting the sun's rays, trapping in as much moisture as possible.

The majority of hedging plants for dry soils come from Mediterranean habitats and are well suited to rockeries or gravel gardens. 

There are lots of gardening tips and tricks to make your soil and planting area better equipped for conserving water. However, the first step is to choose plants suited to dry soils to begin with.

Below you will find our entire range of drought resistant plants, ideal for planting in dry soils.

Tips for conserving water in the garden

Once you've chosen your preferred hedging plants for dry soils, you should also consider taking some, if not all, of the following steps to make your garden more drought resistant:

  • Add organic matter, such as well rotted horse manure to your soil.
  • Apply a fertiliser, we recommend Rootgrow as it improves the plant's ability to absorb moisture and nutrients from the soil.
  • Choose smaller drought resistant plants as they will build a better defence having adapted to their surroundings from a younger age.
  • Prior to planting, generously soak the planting hole as well as each plant in its pot.
  • Thoroughly water your newly planted hedge or tree, you could also install an irrigation system to ensure you are watering as efficiently as possible.
  • You can apply a mulch to the surface of the soil to help retain moisture.

You can find our range of quality planting essentials, including irrigation kits and fertilisers, here.


By following these simple steps, your hedging plants for dry soils will establish well and develop a good level of drought resistance.