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What are native hedges?

The term 'native' in horticulture refers to plants that are naturalised to a given area. They have either developed, occurred naturally or existed for many years in a particular region. Some native hedge plants have adapted to unusual environments and conditions, such as harsh climates, whilst other plants can live in a diverse range of locations and are able to adjust to different surroundings. Here at best4hedging have a huge choice of native hedging, all ideal for planting throughout the British Isles.

Environment and wildlife value of native hedge plants

It has been proven that insects depend on native plants for their survival. Entire ecosystems develop within native hedging, consisting of different plants, animals and microorganisms all interacting with one another. Native hedging plants help to form a mutually beneficial environment whereby species have developed over time to support them and vice versa. For example, certain plants exist because a specific animal pollinates them and that animal exists because they rely on that plant's pollen for a food source.

Within a native hedge, you are likely to find insects feeding on the nectar and pollen, birds nesting in the foliage and hedgehogs and other small animals foraging for food and looking for shelter.

Other benefits of native hedging

There are many benefits of planting a native hedge. Not only do they support a diverse range of wildlife, but they also provide an interesting and attractive garden feature and are likely to thrive where more exotic plants may struggle, as they are better adapted to the climates of their region.

At best4hedging have a huge range of native hedging plants that are all ideal for attracting wildlife and are well suited to planting in the UK. You can use one species of native hedging plants to create a uniform hedge or combine a few different native shrubs to create a colourful hedgerow. At best4hedging provide specifically selected mixed native hedging packs which work out cheaper than purchasing the same plants separately. By planting a mixed native hedge you will be rewarded with an array of berries, hips, foliage colour and flowers. All of which attract birds, bees, butterflies, insects and small mammals, meaning that with native hedging, there is always something to see no matter what time of year it is.