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Hedging for Partial Shade

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Hedging Plants for Partial Shade

Browse our wide range of hedging plants for semi-shaded sites. It is important to consider the amount of sunlight your hedge plants will be exposed to. Here you will find a variety of hedge plants suited to gardens and sites that encounter semi-shade.


A partially shaded site will ideally experience between 3-6 hours of direct sunlight every day. These hedging plants, although tolerant of some sun, grow better when planted in a position that avoids the intensity of the midday or late afternoon sun.


Hedging plants for partial shade, though not always displaying the most colourful flowers, do often have attractive bright, vibrant leaves, as they gather the small amount of sunlight that they are exposed to, making the leaves rich in chlorophyll.


Plants for partial shade can also be referred to as plants for partial sun. There is a very slight difference between these two terms. With plants for partial sun, they require at least the minimum exposure of sunlight to thrive, whereas hedging plants for partial shade, can grow well even when they do not experience a full 3-6 hours of light.