How long can my plants be left in their packaging?

At best4hedging we emphasise the fact that our hedging plants are living things and require water, light and fresh air to survive. This being said, we understand that it is not always possible to plant straight away. Therefore, there are certain short term measures that can be taken to ensure your plants receive the care they need until you’re ready to plant.

Bare root hedge plants – If you will be planting within a few days from delivery it is best to remove your hedge plants from the box or pallet and thoroughly dampen the roots without drenching them. They can then be kept in the plastic bags provided and stored in a cool, dry place e.g. a shed or garage – not a greenhouse!

If you are not able to plant within a few days, it is advisable to heel your bare roots in. Heeling in involves digging a hole, big enough to contain the entire root mass, in an unused area of your garden. You can then place your bare roots into the hole, at a 45-degree angle, and gently firm the soil around. Your bare root plants will be happy here for a few weeks but will be much happier when they’re in their final planting position.

Root ball hedge plants – This root type is delivered with its root mass encased in a biodegradable hessian sack which does not need to be removed prior to planting. If you cannot plant your root ball hedging straight away, remove your hedge plants from the pallet and store in a cool, dry place, keeping the roots well watered and away from any frost – a sheet of tarpaulin, for example, can protect from frost. However, we do advise planting your root ball plants as soon as you can to ensure the best possible success rate.

Pot grown hedge plants – Once you have removed your plants from the delivery box or pallet, they can remain in their containers for several weeks until you are ready to plant. In the meantime, simply make sure that the soil is moist and the plants are kept sheltered from full sun or harsh winds.

Cell grown hedge plants – If you are not planting your cell grown plants immediately, we advise opening the box, sprinkling the roots with water and then storing in a cool, dry place. Your cell grown plants can remain in their box (open) for a few days but we highly recommend planting as quickly as possible to achieve the healthiest hedge.

For further information on planting, specific to root types, see our Planting Advice section.

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