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Fruit Trees

Invite colour and fragrance into your outdoor spaces with our selection of bare root fruit trees from best4hedging. Preorder your trees now to receive them in October. Providing delectable edible fruits alongside a delicate floral display that is sure to transform your garden from season to season, our trees have been chosen for their quality and are designed to be easy to care for. Whether you’re looking for a classic apple tree or an exotic peach tree, our collection includes different species for a variety of at-home uses while also providing a point of interest for any outdoor enthusiast. Our trees make the perfect year-long adornment for your garden, grown on a variety of rootstocks to suit any need; from semi-vigorous to dwarf — offering trees that will compliment your space without overwhelming it.

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Our comprehensive collection of fruit trees provides you with a great choice of different fruits for a variety of at home uses, both for cooking and eating fresh. What's better than a home-cooked apple pie with fruit from your own tree?

Choice of fruit trees for gardens

Our range of fruit trees are grown on different root stocks in order to cater for a multitude of purposes. Our root stocks include, semi-vigorous, dwarf or very dwarf. Dwarf and very dwarf fruit trees are ideal for small gardens or planting in containers when you don't have much space. Semi-vigorous fruit trees make wonderful garden trees as well as lovely stand-alone specimen trees.

Our range of fruit trees include the classics such as apples, plums and cherries but we also stock quality soft fruit trees and more unusual fruit trees. Why not wow your family with homemade quince jelly or bake a summer fruits pudding using your own blueberries

For specific information, including cropping season; pollination requirements and planting position see individual product pages.