What's The Difference In Root Types?

At best4hedging we have a great variety of hedging plants in a choice of sizes and root types. Pot grown and cell grown hedge plants are available year round, whereas bare root and root ball hedge plants are only available from November to April depending on the weather. The bare root season can be extended until mid/late May for some hedging species through the use of cold storage.

Bare root and root ball plants are grown in a field and can only be lifted when they are dormant, as this process interferes with the root system. Lifting in winter, when the roots are dormant, ensures the root systems are disturbed as little as possible resulting in a high success rate once re-planted.

Box root ball hedging is an exception to this as it has a sturdier root system and is available year round. Yew root ball hedging is also available outside of the normal root ball season due to its strong root system.