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10 reasons to choose Privet hedging

Privet is one of our most popular hedging plants for a huge number of reasons, 10 of which you can find below. The dense foliage and seasonal interest make it a great wildlife friendly hedge and the hardy nature of Privet means it’s suited to a wide range of planting sites. Available in a selection of varieties and root types, there’s a Privet hedge to suit all gardens. Our top 10 reasons to plant a Privet hedge –  1. Privet is the ideal plant to create a traditional, classic looking hedge as its... Read More


The Complete Lavender Hedging and Shrub Guide

Lavender is a popular hedging plant renowned for its aromatic fragrance, striking flowers and not forgetting the diverse range of uses in the kitchen and the health benefits that also add to the attractiveness of this stunning shrub. Lavender makes a fantastic addition to any space; whether it’s a kitchen garden, herb border, patio container or cottage garden, this wonderful plant will add a burst of colour and fragrance that will be difficult to beat. Here’s our complete guide to Lavender with planting guides, reasons to plants, the benefits of Lavender and... Read More


Protecting Our Wildlife- What You Can Do

It’s unsettling to hear in the news lately of a number birds of prey being illegally shot, poisoned and trapped across the country. Studies have been ongoing for a number of years and the figure of  incidents of birds being killed illegally is reaching almost 500. “The RSPB is calling for more to be done to protect birds of prey. Latest figures by the wildlife society show that there were 39 incidents off illegal bird killings in the South last year, with Kent and Hampshire being the second most affected areas.”... Read More

Viburnum hedging 04/04/2016

Signs of spring on the nursery

After the warmest winter ever recorded in history had its effect on numerous plant species, the nursery is finally starting to show signs of spring… Darwins Barberry Hedge Plants | Berberis Darwinii Hedging Evergreen, prickly foliage and bright orange flowers that appear in early spring. Flowering Currant Hedge Plants | Ribes Sanguineum Hedging A fragrant shrub with clusters of bright-pink flowers that are popular with bees. Forsythia Hedge Plants | Forsythia Lynwood Gold Hedging Vibrant flowers and attractive green leaves that are great for brightening up any garden. Lavender Hedge Plants | Lavandula Hedging... Read More

Bee friendly garden 29/03/2016

Spring is here

We returned into the office after the Easter break this morning, through snow, loads of snow. Practically a blizzard. The sort of scene that wouldn’t be out of place in an Oscar winning Leonardo DiCaprio film. A dramatic contrast to when we left the office on Friday in T-shirts and sunglasses, happy that spring had finally sprung. We officially passed the first day of spring 2016 on Sunday March 20th. It was a beautiful weekend and there was a sense that shorts and summer dresses weren’t too far away. As... Read More


How do I use Rootgrow?

Rootgrow for plants can be applied in two different ways but the key thing to remember is that it should be applied directly to the root system. For root ball, pot grown and cell grown plants, you can sprinkle the granules into the planting hole. We’ve included an easy to follow video that demonstrates the two ways to apply this planting essential. For bare root plants, Rootgrow can be made into a gel form and the roots of the plants dipped into the mixture before placing into the planting hole. The... Read More


What are the benefits of planting bare root hedging plants?

The low price of bare root hedge plants is in no way an indication that bare root plants are of a lesser standard than any of the other root types we have available. Bare roots are an excellent, cost-effective option, especially when planting in large quantities. The reason that bare roots are less expensive than other root types, such as pot grown plants, is that they cost a lot less to grow, care for and despatch. Bare roots are grown in a field so they do not require annual re-potting,... Read More

garden pots on steps 20/08/2015

Making the most of pots in your garden

We’re feeling inspired by Homify’s feature on stylish garden pots in which our Box topiary cubes are included, so we’ve put together a collection of our favourite ways to make the most of potted plants in your garden. Pots are a great way to add interest to your outdoor space and can create a great focal feature, especially if you don’t have much room to show off your greenery and blossoms. Using several of the same sized and coloured plant pots is a great way to create consistency in your garden,... Read More

ivy screens 18/08/2015

Late summer solutions for a quick garden makeover

So far August hasn’t delivered the long, hot sunny days we all dream of in summer, however with new predictions for an Indian summer, we want to help make sure your garden is ready for any last minute barbecues and garden get-togethers. It’s easy to spruce up your space and better your beds and borders with our quick and simple instant gardening solutions: Instant hedging Separate seating areas or partition problem areas with our instant hedging. It’s the ideal way to add immediate impact to your space and can provide... Read More


There is no Rootgrow/Bonemeal with my order?

To make sure that your Rootgrow or Bonemeal is safe during transit, we pack the products in the centre of pallet orders and at the bottom of box orders. We ask that you fully unpack your plants to ensure your Rootgrow or Bonemeal is not hidden inside your order. If after checking this, you still cannot find your Rootgrow or Bonemeal, please give our Service team a call on 01257 447 533 and they will be happy to help. For those unfamiliar with how to use Rootgrow or how to... Read More