bh monthly gardening advice feat 01/09/2021

September Gardening Advice 2021

September brings with it a change in season and therefore a change in your garden’s needs. With forecasts for potential rain fall, we may be grabbing our rain coats a lot more often, but don’t let the rain keep you from your garden! The bare root and root ball season is approaching, now is the time to prepare your garden for autumn. Plan Ahead You can now pre-order cost effective bare roots and impacting root balls to ensure you get priority of the freshest plants so you can plant during... Read More

Why Plant Deciduous Plants in Autumn 18/11/2016

Why Plant Deciduous Plants in Autumn

Autumn is nature’s planting time and if you’re considering planting a deciduous tree or shrub in your garden, then NOW is the best time to get them in the ground. It might be too cold for us to leave the house without a hat and scarf, but for deciduous plants the temperature is perfect. It allows for healthy roots & efficient establishment. Deciduous plants planted in autumn have the best chance of fully establishing as they will develop new and healthy roots this time of year. Roots grow best in... Read More

blog FAQs 04/09/2015

How do I use Rootgrow?

Rootgrow for plants can be applied in two different ways but the key thing to remember is that it should be applied directly to the root system. For root ball, pot grown and cell grown plants, you can sprinkle the granules into the planting hole. We’ve included an easy to follow video that demonstrates the two ways to apply this planting essential. For bare root plants, Rootgrow can be made into a gel form and the roots of the plants dipped into the mixture before placing into the planting hole. The... Read More

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Planting Essentials – The benefits of RootGrow, Bonemeal and Seaweed

Often gardeners, particularly new gardeners, underestimate the benefits of using root treatments, fertilisers and stimulants when planting a new hedge or shrub, so we’ve put together this blog to help you understand the advantages of planting with one of the following products. Rootgrow Mycorrihzal Treatment This root treatment is developed from fungi, known as Mycorrhizal, which is a living orgasm found naturally in UK soils and is beneficial to your garden as 90% of all plants depend on it. Mycorrhizal is essential to all root development and cultivates naturally over... Read More