Create tantalising cocktails using ingredients from your garden

The sun finally seems to be peeping out from behind the clouds, which can only mean one thing… long summer days spent outside in the garden. And what better way to enjoy the sunny weather than by mixing up your own cocktail concoction using ingredients grown yourself? These three simple recipes will keep you refreshed throughout the springtime and summer. Lavender Lemonade  Easy to grow and with a beautiful aroma, Lavender is full of goodness. If you’re tired of your average lemonade recipe, this is a great recipe to try,... Read More

Carrots in the ground 27/08/2015

Garden-grown Autumn recipes for kids: Plant now for a seasonal feast straight from your garden

Kids can be fussy eaters but there’s no better way to encourage them to eat their five-a-day than with fruit and veg they’ve grown themselves. Here are our favourite seasonal fruits, tasty veg and flavoursome herbs that you can enjoy straight from your garden this Winter. Not only are these very easy for little green fingers to grow, but deliciously appetising for the whole family when used in a variety of recipes. So get out into the garden this season and see what home-grown dishes you and your little ones... Read More

Herb ice cubes 17/07/2015

More summer BBQ recipes from the garden

If you tried any of our other BBQ recipes from the garden, then you’ll be keen to try some more. And, even if you haven’t, these are great to save for when you want to impress the neighbours with both your gardening and cooking skills. Main dishes Rosemary vegetable garden kebabs Ingredients: 8 large sprigs of Rosemary 2 small courgettes (approx. 230g) 24 cherry tomatoes 2 large slices crusty bread (approx. 50g) 2 tbsp olive oil salt & pepper to taste Preparation: – Remove the leaves from the bottom of... Read More