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Box Hedging & Alternatives

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Box Hedging & Alternatives

As a classic garden plant with a formal shape, Box Hedging is easily recognisable and often used in garden borders and pathways. It's formal shape also lends itself to be commonly used in creating topiary in a rang of shapes and sizes. Being both easy to maintain and tough enough to withstand most planting situation, including drought and poor soils, it's no surprise that Buxus Sempervirens is one of our most popular species. It's neat appearance and compact growing habit that aid it's popularity as topiary, also make it a great species for creating symmetry in garden borders. Alternatives to Box Hedging

Alternatives To Box

Like many plants, Box can be prone to specific diseases and pests, such as Box Blight or Box caterpillar in the case of Buxus Sempervirens. If you think your planting site might be at risk to either of these in your area, or simply want a slightly more unconventional twist on the formal English garden look, then we have a number of other hedging plants that can be used in place of box.

The Lookalikes - Both Euonymus 'Jean Hugues' and Ilex Crenata are commonly used in place of Buxus Sempervirens. Whilst both slightly differentiated from Box in different ways, both of these are low growing species with small leaves and a dense growing habit. As neither are susceptible to Box Blight, they make great alternatives in planting areas where this might be an issue.

Neat Hedging - Whilst not box doppelgängers, other species of hedging & shrubs have small foliage which can be trimmed neatly in much the same way as Buxus can. Lonicera nitida can provide year round interest with blue-purple berries in the autumn and creamy white flowers in the spring, where as Yew has a similar growing density to Box, with the option to cultivate a much taller but still neat hedging.

Small but Colourful Foliage - Like Buxus, Photinia 'Little red Robin', Hebe 'Red Edge' or Berberis thunbergii atropurpurea all have small leaves which can be trimmed to neat shapes. Unlike Box though, they all have leaves with a splash of colour, with some also having flowers to create a really vibrant alternative to Box Hedging.