Stay safe with spikey security – Top 5 intruder proof hedges

Although a fence or a wall may provide security for your garden, a living hedge barrier can provide the same security and has a lot more to give in terms of colour, texture and interest. We’ve picked our favourite intruder proof hedges that not only have practical value, but that will also give your garden a striking ornamental feature –

Pyracantha hedging (Firethorn)

These diverse hedging plants make great intruder hedges due to the prickly branches, but also have plenty more to offer with a vibrant cover of yellow, orange or red berries decorating the hedge in autumn, and evergreen foliage providing year-round cover. Birds love feasting on the berries which gives Firethorn hedging added wildlife value, and with a fast growth rate, this prickly deterrent will be capable of keeping unwanted visitors and animals out of your garden in no time.

Pyracantha hedge

Hawthorn hedging (Crataegus Monogyna)

This popular hedging plant is native to the UK and offers a profusion of beautiful, white scented flowers in spring followed by bird-friendly haws in autumn. The mid-green foliage falls later in the year, leaving the sharp thorns to embellish the bare branches. These large thorns make Quickthorn the ideal intruder deterrent hedge.

Hawthorn flower and thorn

Holly hedging (Ilex Aquifolium)

Perfect for a traditional hedge, Ilex Aquifolium offers glossy, attractive leaves with a prickly edge that are great for stopping unwanted visitors in their tracks. This evergreen hedging plant has a variety of great features, including its dense habit, interest to wildlife and tolerance of most planting sites. Plant Holly for both protection and aesthetic purposes, and you won’t be disappointed.

holly hedging

Red Barberry hedging (Berberis Ottawensis x Auricoma)

Providing you with rich, dark foliage, and sharp thorns, Red Berberis is a great all-rounder. The colourful display offered by this attractive shrub transitions from vivid shades of red and purple in the spring to fiery shades of orange and red in the winter before falling, creating seasonal interest. The thorny branches work well as a barrier against intruders and the yellow spring flowers give the intimidating thorns a pretty touch.

Red barberry spiky foliage

Blackthorn hedging (Prunus Spinosa)

Blackthorn hedging, as the name would suggest, is covered in thorns and with dense foliage to accompany the prickles, it makes a wonderful intruder proof hedge. Keeping out unwanted visitors and animals is not the only quality Prunus Spinosa has; showy white flowers provide a stunning display in spring and the black sloes that appear in autumn add wildlife value, as birds can’t resist stealing them from the branches.

Blackthorn thorn

You can find our full range of intruder proof hedging here, or use our Best Hedging Plants For Me tool to narrow down your choices by feature.

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