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Field Maple Hedging | Acer Campestre

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Acer Campestre

Field Maple, Acer Campestre, is a native, deciduous tree from the Acer genus. It can grow to 25m tall and is a popular choice for native hedgerows. In North America it is known as the Hedge Maple and in Australia, the Common Maple. 

Wildlife value of Field Maple Hedging

Field Maple is particularly helpful to pollinating insects. The open habit of the flowers make it easy for short tongued bees to access the nectar. They are an early source of pollen and would be as valuable to beekeepers as sycamore if it were more commonly planted. 

Interesting Facts about Acer Campestre Hedge Plants

The Maple family is made up of 128 species of trees and shrubs, with lots of these species having some very unusual uses.

  • Alsatian folk lore states that placing branches around the home will protect from bats.
  • The Canadian flag and coat of arms use a Maple leaf.
  • Maple collections are called acertums and Maple trees play a huge role in the 'Five Great Ws' (arboretums) in England.
  • The Japanese partake in a leaf-watching tradition in autumn, called momijigari, where they monitor the changing leaf colour of maple leaves.
  • Maple wood is a tonewood, meaning it carries sound waves well so is a popular choice for making musical instruments.

Field Maple plants are a popular choice for garden hedging. The warm, buttery-yellow shade of the leaves in autumn adds a vibrant glow to the garden when most other plants are settling down for winter. It is also a key ingredient in the Best for Hedging Mixed Hedging Packs. Our native hedges are a fantastic way of creating a wildlife habitat in your garden. This specially selected mixture of plants creates the ideal sanctuary for our British wildlife, including: bees, butterflies, birds and hedgehogs.