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June Berry | Amelanchier Hedging

Amelanchier Hedging

Amelanchier is a genus of approximately 20 species, including the wonderful Amelanchier x Lamarckii, as stocked by Best4Hedging. A deciduous tree or shrub, Lamarckii was first introduced to Europe in the 17th Century and is thought to be a hybrid of Amelanchier Arborea and Amelanchier Candensis or Amelanchier Laevis.

History of Amelanchier

The name Amelanchier is derived from the French Provencal name, the old name for Amelanchier Ovalis. Lamarckii comes from the 19th Century French botanist and author, Jean Baptiste de Monet Lamarck. 

Amelanchier is known to flower in the spring, 'when the shad run' in reference to the fish in the New England streams. This association is where the common names Shadbush, Shadblow and Shadwood come from. Lamarckii is commonly known as June Berry or Snowy Mespilus. It is sometimes referred to as Serviceberry, this was because the flowers were seen as a sign that the ground had thawed so the people who had died over winter could be buried and the funeral services could be held.

Trivia! George Washington planted Amelanchier shrubs at his estate in Mount Vernon, Virginia.

June Berries

The berries themselves are edible and quite tasty. They can be used in fruit pies or jams and have a flavour between strawberries and apples. Although they look similar to blueberries they have a sweeter, less acidic taste. They are very popular with birds, making this a lovely wildlife friendly shrub.

June Berry hedging makes a lovely garden feature, ideal for wildlife gardens and privacy screening. Amelanchier Lamarckii is also a key component in the Best4hedging Tapestry Mixed Hedging packs. Tapestry hedges are a wonderful combination of plants, chosen specifically for their attractive aesthetics and useful attributes.

June Berry | Amelanchier Hedging
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