10 reasons to choose Griselinia littoralis

Griselinia Littoralis is a Best4hedging favourite and is one of our top 10 selling species. Famous for its large ovate leaves, hence its alternative name New Zealand Broadleaf, which display beautiful light shades of apple green. Not only utilised for its calming colour that has the ability to bring a relaxing ambience to a garden, it holds a number of benefits that validates its popularity in thousands of gardens and garden designs.


  1. Its popularity in gardens across the country has been noticed by The Royal Horticultural Society. As a result, Griselinia is the well-deserved recipient of the Award of Garden Merit.
  2. It offers beautiful foliage consisting of oval leaves and flexible stems, which showcase soft shades of apple green. The gentle colour of Griselinia provides the perfect backdrop to accentuate intensely coloured shrubs or can make a wonderful single species feature.
  3. Due to its evergreen nature, its luxurious green foliage is ever present giving you year round interest and winter cover.
  4. For a brighter look, you can access a variegated alternative for Griselinia littoralis, Griselinia littoralis Dixon’s Cream. It has an interesting leaf pattern, which displays green leaves surrounded by a contrasting cream outline.
  5. Being located by the sea can prove problematic when designing a garden. However, Griselinia can withstand the strong gales, cold temperatures and salt laden air that are experienced in full force within these areas. It makes a quality coastal garden barrier so you can include exotic plants, less tolerant to these conditions as they are protected by this coastal gardener’s ally.
  6. It will achieve about 30cm a year and ideal for heights up to 6 metres, making it the perfect screening hedge. It can either be left to grow to create a natural, informal bushy appearance or trimmed into a neat and tidy shape.
  7. Its sturdy structure can withstand a hard prune so you don’t need to worry if your Griselinia hedge requires a serious cut back.
  8. As well as providing year round interest, it offers seasonal characteristics as small yellow-green flowers appear in summer, only to be replaced by purple fruits in autumn.
  9. Accessible year round as you can purchase Griselinia hedging plants in containers, or get your hands on a professionally maintained, fully formed, instant hedge for instant impact. Also available as cost effective bare roots in the dormant season.
  10. Gain added wildlife interest with Griselinia littoralis. The small purple fruits are popular amongst Bristish birds and small animals are attracted to the safe habitiat in which its dense, evergreen foliage offers.


Facts you probably didn’t know about Griselinia littoralis

  • The flowers and berries appear on female plants. We grow both male and female plants on our site to ensure you attain your seasonal attributes.
  • There are six species of Griselinia, addressing from New Zealand, Brazil and Chile. The main species grown in Britain is the Griselinia littoralis.

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