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x Preparing your garden for winter BH 14/11/2019

Preparing Your Garden for Winter

A best4hedging guide to keeping your garden healthy through the winter season As the current cold temperatures have us dreaming of spring when we no longer have to get up that 10 minutes earlier to defrost the car, there are some preparations you need to make in the garden ready for the new season. Protect your Garden from Frost 1. Watering Water to prevent frost? Weird- we know. Adding water when frost is immanent can seem a confusing task, however wet soil will hold more heat than soil that is dry so it... Read More

frog friendly gardens 23/10/2019
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Frog-Friendly Gardens

The amphibious family often found in our gardens will always have a special place in our hearts, almost all of us will have fond memories of encounters with these unique critters. Many of us will remember how they helped to educate us as youngsters with the wonder of metamorphosis. As children, we awed over the strange looking frog spawn in the local pond; the wriggles and squirms of tad poles and the development of small limbs that form our much-loved frogs. They are one of few species of garden wildlife... Read More

Create a bee friendly garden 20/08/2019

Create A Bee Friendly Garden

Bees play an essential role in our eco-system and they need all the help they can get! So follow our handy guide on how to create a bee friendly garden that will have buzzing visitors in no time… Plant Bee Friendly Plants Planting wildlife friendly shrubs and hedging plants are a great way to attract bees and butterflies to your garden. One of the biggest challenges for bees today is the lack of food, so planting hedging and plants are a great source of food. Here are our top species... Read More

How do i make my garden bird friendly goldfinch 13/03/2019

How To Create A Bird Friendly Garden

Our natural landscapes are continuously changing, and as we constantly endure the loss of more and more natural spaces to urbanisation. The difference you can make to local bird populations, simply by creating a bird-friendly garden, is huge. It’s not only beneficial to the birds – the enjoyment you will get from identifying the various new species that begin to visit your garden, is a reward in itself. The RSPB has recognised the following decline in bird species as documented by The Common Bird Census between 1970 and 1999: • Tree sparrow... Read More

Looking after wildlife in winter 16/11/2018

Looking After Wildlife This Winter

We love our wildlife here at Best4hedging and we know our readers do too! So we’re always trying to educate our readers on what we can do to help the little guys out, especially in the winter months when they need it the most. We’re tempted to stay indoors in the winter, who would blame us? And we often feel guilty for neglecting our gardens. However, don’t threat too much as this is the best thing we can do for wildlife. Letting our gardens go a little wild has many... Read More

Artboard 13/07/2018

The Life of Bees

Bee’s are a hot topic this year with the decline in numbers so it’s important more than ever to make sure we are giving them a helping hand in our gardens. When it comes to bee-friendly plants, your choices are not limited but we are spoilt for choice. Firstly, set aside a space in your garden dedicated to plants for bees, if you notice one plant in particular is popular then make note to add in more! Fragrant plants such as Lavender and Rosemary are very popular with bee’s, they also look... Read More

Squirrel 09/02/2018

We Love Wildlife

Hedging has many properties that benefit local wildlife and this is more evident than ever in recent studies showing that hedgehog numbers have plummeted by half in the UK countryside since 2000. This is due to a number of reasons but one of them is from the loss of hedgerows and the continual urban sprawl. People are using fence panels instead of hedges for privacy, not only is this more expensive than planting a hedge, it isn’t as good looking either! Hedging is a wonderful source of food for wildlife... Read More

dims 04/01/2018

‘The Ultimate Guide to Looking After Hedgehogs’ Clive Harris tells us how

Here at best4hedging, one of our passions is wildlife and we pride ourselves on providing wildlife friendly hedging and advice on what you can do in your gardens to help our furry friends. We follow a lot of Charites and organisations on social media and we constantly see the work they are doing to help. But it isn’t just organisations that are doing their bit, the response from the general public recently on the need to help hedgehogs has been astounding. Many people are turning their gardens and sheds into... Read More

Hedgehog 17/11/2017

Oeco Garden Room’s Advice On Helping Wildlife This Winter

Oeco Garden Rooms is a family run business and have been manufacturing and installing timber framed structures for over 10 years. The company was initially founded to satisfy the growing number of people who work from home and the essential need for more space and a separate working environment away from the main house. However, over the years our garden rooms, offices and studios have been purchased by customers from all backgrounds to extend their living space for a multitude of uses. Here they share their advice and some tips... Read More

This wonderful robin popped into the hedge while i had the camera out and looked at me 21/11/2016

How Christmas Adverts Are Helping British Wildlife

It seems it’s the battle of the Christmas adverts this year with top brands showcasing their best efforts to spread the Christmas spirit through our TV screens. Here at best4hedging we love wildlife and everything wildlife related so when we saw that John Lewis chose The Wildlife Trust as its charity partner for its Christmas ad we were thrilled. Their advert celebrates British wildlife and reminds us how beautiful and special it can be, whilst inspiring the younger generation by making them more aware of the easy access they have... Read More