September Gardening Advice 2021

September brings with it a change in season and therefore a change in your garden’s needs. With forecasts for potential rain fall, we may be grabbing our rain coats a lot more often, but don’t let the rain keep you from your garden! The bare root and root ball season is approaching, now is the time to prepare your garden for autumn.

Plan Ahead

You can now pre-order cost effective bare roots and impacting root balls to ensure you get priority of the freshest plants so you can plant during the dormant season. We suggest planting before winter so your plants can get comfortable in their new positions before the harsh winter weather arrives. Planting this autumn will allow them to grow vigorously next spring. Remember to apply Rootgrow and Bone Meal as this will allow your new plants to get the best possible start to establishment. Below you’ll find two instructional videos with easy to follow steps on planting bare roots with the application of Rootgrow & Bone Meal.

If your garden was looking a bit dull last winter, plant some of the following species this month for incredible winter interest:

General Advice

September is a great time to move shrubs and trees without having to worry about their survival. Get them into their new positions with added Bone Meal.

As we mentioned before, wetter weather has become more frequent, so it’s a good idea to raise potted plants using bricks or ‘pot feet’ to avoid waterlogging. On the topic of water, if you have a garden pond, now is the time to purchase and implement a protective net before leaf fall begins. Autumn foliage is beautiful but it can also be a pain for pond wildlife.

Give your lavenders a good trim after flowering but avoid cutting into old wood.

Our final piece of September gardening advice is to give your established evergreen hedges a final trim to create a formal shape over winter.

The end of summer sees the transformation of flowers to fruits and it’s the perfect time to harvest so go out and pick the berries, nuts and various fruits your edible hedgerow offers. With the Great British Bake Off back on our TV’s this week, get some inspiration and try some of the countless recipes available online, or from cookbooks, our personal favourite is The Hedgerow Cookbook. You can check out our previous blog ‘When to harvest hedgerow fruit’ which has a helpful guide on hedgerow fruits and when to harvest.

Leave some fruits for garden birds who adore these luscious treats. If you want to attract more birds to your garden, we supply RSPB approved hedging bundles which include a selection of hedge plants with bird friendly features.

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