What size pot grown hedging plant do I need?

27 May 2022

As the bare root season comes to an end, now is the time to make the most of our huge range of pot grown hedging plants, available to plant all year round. Pot grown plants are one of the best ways to ensure success when planting a new hedge. This is because pot grown plants are given much more care than bare root hedging or root balls as they have to be watered, weeded, fed and annually re-potted to ensure good growth and development takes place so we can provide you with healthy plants. And, as the roots of these plants are completely protected by the soil and pot, there is no risk of the root system becoming damaged in transit or when re-planted by the customer. Another benefit of choosing pot grown hedging is that the plants can be left in their pots until you are ready to plant – as long as they are well-watered, they can remain in their pots for up to several weeks.

Although planting pot grown hedging is simple enough, choosing what size to purchase can be slightly trickier. All of our product pages display pot size in litres (E.g. 2L pot/5L pot) and plant size in centimetres (E.g. 60/90cm). This is to give you an idea of the mass of the root system and the bushiness of the plant. The plant size dimensions are measured from the top of the pot to the top of the plant, so a 60/90cm plant will give you between 60 and 90cm of growth above ground when planted.

Generally, the larger the pot, the bushier the plant and the bigger the root system. The price of the plants also increases with pot size but as you need less of the larger plants to fill your planting site, this can sometimes work out the same price as buying a higher quantity of the smaller sizes.

Pot sizes can also vary between hedging species but the most frequently used dimensions are as follows:

  • 2L pots – approx. 16cm in diameter / 14cm deep
  • 5L pots – approx. 22cm in diameter / 18cm deep
  • 10L pots – approx. 28cm in diameter / 23cm deep
  • 15L pots – approx. 32cm in diameter / 26cm deep