10 Reasons To Choose Leylandii Hedging

23 July 2015

When it comes to conifer hedging, Leylandii often steals the limelight, but with very good reason. This evergreen hedging plant brings a huge range of benefits to a garden, securing it a place in our top 5 most popular hedge plants. The fast growth rate, dense foliage and hardy nature are just some of the characteristics that make Leylandi cypress a favourite garden hedge. 


Although the fast growth rate of Leylandii hedging often gives it a bad name, this is not well deserved. Growing up to 1 metre a year makes Leyland Cypress a great choice for screening and privacy, and there’s no waiting around to achieve your desired effect.


Leylandii hedging, while a very fast growing species, does not require much maintenance. Pruning once, possibly twice, a year will help to retain the shape and height.


Due to its high resistance to pests and disease, Cupressocyparis Leylandii is a popular hedging plant for landscaping.


Useful in a range of different planting positions, Leylandii hedging is extremely tough and can tolerate strong, salty winds, making it ideal for coastal areas.


The dense, evergreen foliage of this conifer hedging makes a fantastic wind break, whilst also reducing the impact of noise and air pollution.


The birds in your garden will thank you for planting a Cupressocyparis Leylandii hedge as the dense foliage makes the perfect shelter for many of Britain’s bird species.


Leylandii hedge plants are available in a range of different root types and heights which means you can plant year-round and attain your desired hedge height instantly.


Pot grown Leylandii plants can be planted at any time of the year but it’s best to avoid very wet or frosty conditions as these can damage the root system.


Root ball Leylandii hedging gives immediate impact in a garden and can be used to create tall boundaries or privacy screens instantly.


Leyland cypress hedge plants are also available as 9cm starter pots for gardeners with a smaller budget – they are a cost-effective option but still provide a good, strong root system for healthy hedging.

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