How often do I water my hedging plants?

28 October 2014

The general rule of thumb when it comes to watering is to thoroughly water your plants a few times a week rather than little and often. Newly planted hedges require more watering than established hedges and you should increase or decrease your watering regime to reflect the weather conditions. For example, if the weather is hot and dry, you will need to water more often but if periods of heavy rain occur you should reduce watering.

The best time to water hedging plants is in the morning or evening as watering during the day can lead to the moisture evaporating off the surface of the soil before it reaches the roots of your plants. Leaf scorch can also occur if you water the leaves during full sun, so it is always best to direct watering to the roots.

In relation to over watering it is important to remember that different hedging plants are suited to different soil types. For example, Alder hedging prefers a wet soil whereas Lavender hedging grows best in normal to dry soil types. Bearing this in mind, over watering can be easily avoided by taking a few simple steps. If you notice that the water is not absorbing into the soil, reduce watering accordingly. A simple test to check if your soil is too dry is to collect a sample of soil from below the surface, we recommend at least 2 inches deep. If the soil feels dry, your plants need more water, if the soil feels moist, they don’t.