Native vs. Naturalised – Do you know the difference?

18 May 2017

There are advantages to planting both native and naturalised hedging and shrubs, however to fully appreciate the importance of these plants, you need to understand the difference...

Native Plants

A native plant can be defined as a species that has occurred naturally over thousands of years in a particular area and continues to thrive. Hedging and shrubs native to the UK have become established in our ecosystem without any human intervention.

Hedging plants that are native to the UK include popular species such as Box, Beech, Yew and Hornbeam. Choosing to plant one of these native species in your garden will hugely benefit your local ecosystem, particularly the wildlife.

Indigenous plants grow especially well as they are suited to both the weather conditions and the planting environment in the UK. They provide food, shelter and natural corridors for a huge range of wildlife, with flowers appearing in summer for bees and berries adorning the branches in winter, ready for hungry birds.

Native hedging plants are ideal for adding a natural display to your garden and creating a slightly wild feel, due to the animals and insects that it will attract.

Our mixed native hedging packs are a great way to find complementary plants with a variety of features that appear at different times throughout the year, providing you with lasting interest.

Naturalised Plants

A naturalised plant is a non-native (a plant introduced to a particular area in which it has never been found before, due to the intentional or accidental action of humans) that has the ability to adapt to a foreign environment and continue to spread. Adjusting to the local environment allows a naturalised plant to continually reproduce and sustain its population without direct intervention from humans.

There is a small chance that naturalised species can become invasive. This is when the plants spread to such an extent that they begin to have adverse effects on the local ecosystem, causing negative impacts on native plants and wildlife. However, invasive species are only a very small part of the naturalised plant population.

Planting both native and naturalised hedging plants and shrubs in your garden will create a thriving biodiversity and provide you with an outdoor space that reflects the natural development of the UK’s flora.

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