Why choose hedges with berries?

16 September 2016

Autumn is here and with it comes fungi, fruit and the rusty foliage which makes this season so favourable for us gardeners. We love autumn because the combination of the summer warmth and autumnal damp offers a sustainable environment for mushrooms to develop, deciduous trees start their leaf transformation, animal behaviour begins to change and a number of plants are covered with colourful berries. Take Pyracantha for example, by the end of September the orange, yellow and red berries are in full force. They make a dramatic garden feature as a single coloured hedge or including a collection of the berries creates a fantastic collaboration of colour.

Cotoneaster FranchetiiCotoneaster Franchetii
Cotoneaster Franchetii

Autumn brings a number of factors to look forward to but it also brings a sense of panic! Year upon year we are faced with the stressful task of bringing interest to the gloom of the winter garden. However, planting hedges with berries is the perfect solution to brighten up the darkest and dullest time of the year. As winter unravels, Holly is a great festive plant that will display beautiful glossy red berries.

Hedges with berries not only produce a feast for the eyes, they also produce a feast for a huge range of garden wildlife. Birds love the luscious berries, especially in the colder months as food becomes scarce and the weather turns harsh. Not only do hedges with berries provide a vital food source during winter, they offer a secure shelter for birds, small critters and insects; the perfect habitat and potential life saver.

Don’t let the birds have all the fun! There are plenty of hedge plants with berries which offer a delicious treat for us too. Blackthorn, Crab Apple, Dog Rose, Elder, Hawthorn, Juneberry, Rosa Rugosa, Rowan and Sea Buckthorn are just a few species with fruits for us to share with our feathered friends. Be sure to tweet @best4hedging with some of your favourite hedgerow recipes!

Planting a hedge with berries not only creates a coloured spectacle, a tasty treat and a vital food source for garden wildlife, but it helps contribute to the distribution and creation of new plants which is called, plant propagation. The seeds within the berries are consumed by birds, transported and then dispensed around the country. If you live near a location where birds tend to group, you’ll notice all kinds of plants growing around that area. So planting a hedge with berries means that us gardeners, birds and plants all benefit.

As well as the plant species mentioned above, you’ll find even more hedges with berries below:

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