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Benefits of Native Hedging

When people hear Native Hedging they think of the British countryside and the farmer’s fields favourite. However native hedging is much more than that and they can be used in many situations including residential gardens. What are the benefits of Native hedging? The great thing about planting a mixed native hedge is the variety of features it includes: Pretty flowers Bright berries Evergreen foliage and autumn colour Wildlife interest Aesthetically appealing Suited to many garden types Wildlife Mixed native hedging is popularly used in informal settings but does just as... Read More


2019 design trends to take your garden to the next level

Whether you are looking to completely re-design your garden or simply want to update the functionality and look of your garden, has put together some of the top design trends for 2019. From creating a space which is low maintenance to creating interesting focal points, this article will provide you with the inspiration you can use for your garden. Creating a low maintenance garden Due to the hustle and bustle of modern life, gardeners are always looking to simplify their gardens, and 2019 will be no different. Creating a... Read More


Beat The January Blues

January can be a very long, miserable month and we would like to make it a little easier for you, helping best we can. Although it’s cold and wet, getting out in your gardens not only does your garden a favour but also your health. Let’s see how gardening can help with your mind and body. 1. Gardening To Help Your Mind How does gardening decrease depression and anxiety? ‘From a clinical research perspective, the positive effects of gardening on anxiety make sense. Most obviously, gardening provides a way to... Read More


How a hedge can sell your house

A well-maintained garden can add up to £2,000 extra to the value of the property. Hedges are a natural fence and look great in any garden. A staple of English properties for centuries, hedges is now even considered a protected feature in some regions. Regular maintenance is all that’s required to keep this natural barrier in top shape. Not only is a hedge a good safety measure, but also aesthetically appealing. This is a bonus for those on the market for a property. Discover ways a hedge can boost the chances of selling... Read More

Curved Privet hedge 06/03/2018

Use Hedging to Create A Private and Attractive Driveway

More than one homeowner will relate horror stories about the wayward driver who tore up the garden with misguided driving manoeuvres. This is why hedges have become popular with many a lawn, lining driveways and creating clear paths for every vehicle. Hedges are good looking, require minimal care, and create a visually appealing definition within the garden. From aromatic flowering hedges to native hedging plants, there is an array of options that work well for the driveway. Hedges Do Their Duty Hedges provide a range of advantages well beyond privacy and clearly defined... Read More


How To Make A Noise Numbing Retreat In The City

Are you someone who relishes city life? Having all the benefits of great shopping centres, transportation, and cuisine are appreciated, but the noise, pollution and traffic generally are not. This is why it is so important to create a really magical garden retreat where you can go after a mad day in the city. There are many practicalities to consider. First, gardens in cities are noisy. Cars, neighbours and trains are all disturbing. Often, your view may not be very inspiring either. Looking onto your neighbour’s forlorn front patio is... Read More

Lavender loaf cake 30/09/2016

Baking with edible hedging

The Great British Bake Off has got the whole country in a cooking frenzy! As this year is the last time Mary Berry and the whole gang are together on BBC, there’s no better time to get some inspiration from the iconic baking tent and test your culinary skills. If you were watching #BotanicalWeek you will have seen ingredients such as Rosemary, Elder flower and a huge range of berries used in both the Technical Challenge where contestants had to bake two leaf shaped Fougasse, and those marvellous cake creations... Read More


Best4hedging Joins The RSPB

We are more than happy to announce our newly established relationship with the RSPB who are widely known for their high profile projects; maintaining nature reserves and campaigning to preserve wildlife in need. The charity is also keen to increase awareness of garden activities that give nature a home with their #HomesforNature campaign. Over 1 million members and 15 million annual web visitors a year make the RSPB the largest wildlife conservation charity in Europe, and we’re delighted that they chose Best4hedging to join them in their mission for wildlife. Wildlife... Read More


Edible Hedging – Sea Buckthorn & Apple Pie

Sea buckthorn and Apple Pie Autumn means one thing to us at best4hedging – edible hedging! It’s almost time for a number of hedging plants to begin tantalising our taste buds and for us, the green fingered gardeners, to become nature’s very own Jamie Oliver. During October, we see a number of berries bursting to be picked, mixed and cooked to create a concoction of delicious snacks. A Best4Hedging edible hedging favourite is sea buckthorn, a native plant that produces orange, soft, juicy berries rich in oils and vitamin C.... Read More

hummingbird hawkmoth 24/07/2015

Mighty Moths – Why we should welcome the ugly duckling

It seems moths have a much undeserved bad reputation given that their large, fluffy wings can be a bit intimidating, especially flying directly at you when flicking the light on in a dark room. However, as with all insects, scary or not, they hold huge value in the biodiversity of your garden. As with many of Britain’s wildlife species, moths have suffered a decline in recent years with numbers falling by 40% in the last 40 years in southern Britain. However, it’s not all bad news as along with the... Read More