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Herb ice cubes 17/07/2015

More summer BBQ recipes from the garden

If you tried any of our other BBQ recipes from the garden, then you’ll be keen to try some more. And, even if you haven’t, these are great to save for when you want to impress the neighbours with both your gardening and cooking skills. Main dishes Rosemary vegetable garden kebabs Ingredients: 8 large sprigs of Rosemary 2 small courgettes (approx. 230g) 24 cherry tomatoes 2 large slices crusty bread (approx. 50g) 2 tbsp olive oil salt & pepper to taste Preparation: – Remove the leaves from the bottom of... Read More

Walking on grass 06/07/2015

Creating a sensory garden

Being able to look and admire at all the colours and textures in a garden is just one way to enjoy what it has to offer but we want to help you create a garden that appeals to all the senses. By planting a combination of hedges and shrubs that offer elements to awaken the 5 senses, you can create a garden that not only provides a new experience with each plant you come across but is also a relaxing, tranquil escape from everyday life. Sound Planting a variety of... Read More

Rosemary lamb chops 29/06/2015

Summer BBQ recipes from the garden

Ahead of the hot weather forecast for this week, we thought you could use some new kitchen garden recipes to test on the BBQ. Using herbs straight from the garden allows you to inject fresh flavour into your steaks and kebabs and enjoy the fruits (well, herbs) of your labour. Get grilling with one of these tasty dishes: Main dishes Fruity Pork Kitchen Garden Kebabs A sweet and spicy twist on traditional kebabs for the BBQ. Ingredients: 250g pork (fillet) – chop into small cubes 1 red onion – cut into chunks 12 green... Read More

Purple Beech hedging 28/05/2015

Fantastic Foliage

Often during spring, flowers take centre stage in a garden and your other plants have to wait until autumn to showcase the fiery colours that cloak their leaves and steal the show, but we’ve found a selection of hedging plants that have spring foliage fantastic enough to steal the limelight from the flowers and blossoms that decorate your beds and borders: Elder Hedging The slim, serrated leaves of this edible hedging plant appear early (sometimes even in January) and display a vibrant green colour complemented by a faint red edging... Read More

Osmanthus Burkwoodii Hedging 18/05/2015

Flowering hedging

Planting a flowering hedge is one of the easiest ways to add colour to your garden and create an ornamental feature among your evergreens and, with a huge range of different species to choose from, there’s something to suit every colour scheme. Here’s our favourite hedge plants that offer an abundance of impressive, bright blossoms: For white flowers, Osmanthus Burkwoodii is a fantastic evergreen with fragrant blooms against a dark foliage. Similarly, Choisya ternata displays small, star-shaped, white flowers that also release a sweet aroma. If you’re looking to create... Read More

Alder hedge 13/05/2015

Hurried hedging – Top 7 fast growing hedge plants

Often our customers are looking for a tall hedge at a low cost. This is where fast growing hedge plants come in. They provide instant impact and are a great way to save money, as a fast growing species means you don’t need to buy plants at your final desired height initially; the fast growth rate allows you to buy smaller, more cost effective plants that will reach the height you require within one or two growing seasons. Here’s our pick of the best fast growing hedging species that will provide... Read More

topiary cones decorating doorway 06/03/2015

Top 5 ways to use Topiary

The widespread use of topiary has exploded into artistic animals, contemporary cones and spirals, formal balls, and classic lollipops that can be used in a variety of different ways across domestic gardens, for large landscape projects and in splendid stately home gardens. Here’s our favourite 5 ways to make the most out of your topiary: Perfect punctuation Planting topiary standards or lollipops at intervals throughout a hedge is a great way to add height and structure to your borders. These topiary specimens can be formed using a variety of different... Read More

Evergreen hedge plants 21/02/2015

Evergreen hedging

Evergreen hedges are perfect for providing year-round colour, privacy and screening in any garden. The foliage of evergreen hedging plants is not always just green; often it can be variegated , flushed with different hues of green or coloured by other attractive shades such as greys, coppers and even reds. 1. Spotted Laurel (Aucuba Japonica Crotonifolia)  The large bright-green leaves of Aucuba Japonica Crotonifolia are variegated, splattered with golden yellow, making it a great feature hedge to illuminate a dark corner of your garden. 2. Photinia Red Robin (Photinia x Fraseri) Photinia Red Robin hedges display... Read More

Hedging Conifers 03/02/2015

Hedging Conifers

Hedging conifers have been used throughout history as privacy screens, property boundaries and often to add an air of grandeur to a garden. The colour and texture of conifer foliage differs somewhat between species as you can see below. All of these conifers are evergreen hedging plants, so the colours you see below will last throughout all seasons, creating a vibrant feature hedge or a striking backdrop for your other plants. The dense foliage of conifers is also useful for blocking out wind and noise, adding to the benefits of planting a conifer... Read More

Foraging for rowan berries 29/01/2015

Find, Forage and Feast with Edible Hedging

When most people think of hedges they imagine evergreen privacy screens, property boundaries and flower borders – but what if you could find a hedge with all of these features that also offered tasty treats? Well, that’s where edible hedges come in. Edible hedges have all the same qualities as a traditional hedge, with the delicious addition of branches laden with fruit, berries and nuts. Growing an edible hedge is not only a great way to add character to your garden, but you may also find that the many uses of... Read More