Lifting Bare Roots

11 November 2016

In this blog we take you behind the scenes and show you the process of how we extract our bare roots and the machinery used to help with the efficiency of lifting thousands upon thousands of plants a day. Take a look at the short video below and feel apart of the best4hedging team as we show you around our growing site and experience our trained professionals lift, pack and dispatch our high quality plants around the UK!

Bare roots are now available in a variety of species, RSPB Approved Bird Friendly Bundles and a range of mixed packs including a collection of complimentary species chosen by gardening professionals to suit every situation.

For advice on how to plant a bare root hedge, see our helpful video tutorial below.

Autumn is the perfect time to visualize your spring garden as our deciduous bare roots shed their leaves in winter ready for a spectacle in spring. Now is the best time to plant bare roots as they are dormant and you can get them in the ground to prepare them for winter. Remember to plant with Rootgrow and Bone Meal to give them the best possible start to establishment. The best thing about planting bare roots with these feeds is that you can apply the product straight to their root system before they go into their new positions.

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